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  1. W

    not sure I see the point in waiting for the 2022 MBA

    The MacRumors Buyer's Guide currently says that buying a 2020 MacBook Air right now requires "Caution" because an upgraded model has been rumored for 2022. However, after reading the "round-up" on the rumored upgrades, I do not actually see what the big deal is...
  2. meshaun

    Charging with PowerBank 18W

    Hi people! I bought the MBA 2020 M1 and I am loving it. Even though I have the charger and the cable that came with it, I am shifting home to work and vice versa daily. So, I was thinking, I need a secondary charge option when at Home, to leave the charger at office as is. I have a Mi Power...
  3. Rigtee

    Owner of 2018 13" MBP - Make the leap and buy the M1 MBA?

    Hi everyone, Question asked many times on this forum but here I am, telling my story to you and asking for advice. I've owned a 2018 13" MBP for close to 3 years now and this machine has served me well as my main computer: MS Office suite, general browsing, coding (Pycharm, CLion), photo...
  4. P

    buying used MBA with a dent

    Hi guys, I am planning to buy a used Macbook Air 2019, but I need your help. The MBA I am looking at has a slightly dented corner (see photo). The seller claims that the display has not been damaged and everything seems to work well. However, I am a bit worried since the dent has probably...
  5. W

    MBA Early 2015 (11") - SSD upgrade - what is the best 1TB to get?

    Hi I am looking for SSD upgrade with Sintech adapter I am thinking about Crucial P5 1TB, is any better drive with good performance/power ratio for my laptop?
  6. novakjos

    Help moving on from early 2020 MBA...

    Hello, So I am usually the person that a lot of my friends come to when they need help picking a Mac and I consider myself pretty adept at being able to recommend the right amount (no more, no less) of what people need. I'm writing because I really don't know what to do for myself. I was using...
  7. R

    MBA M1 - Charging problems

    Hello, I have a charging problem. When I charge my MBA over night, disconnect it in the morning, use it until cca 60 % and then connect the charger it won't start. I have to reconnect it, sometimes even twice. If I don't disconnect it in the morning, it correctly uses adapter as power...
  8. M

    Probably a really stupid to see what is in the "other" storage?

    Was looking at how much storage is being used on my base M1 MBA, and there is a section in the storage graph listed as "other", how do I find out what that is? Clicking on manage, then shows me this, but it can't be clicked on to do anything with it?
  9. S

    New Macbook Air wobbles

    Hello Everyone! I've bought brand new Macbook Air M1 a week ago, and during this period started noticing that bottom right corner of my MBA on some surfaces like tables or floor doesn't stick to them. It's lifted up by 1-2mm(depends on surface, open or closed lid is). And it leads to wobbling...
  10. D

    MacBook Air M1 2020 - Shipping Weight/Box Dimensions

    Hello, I've searched the forums but I could not find the answer, so my apologies in advance if this has already been asked. Can someone please share the shipping weight and outer box (brown packaging) dimensions? I'm planning on using a re-shipping service and I would like to know what the new...
  11. njek

    To buy or not to buy (base model)?

    Hey folks, I'm after a bit of advice re whether or not to buy a base model MacBook Air. My story is that I've had a couple of MacBook Pros over the last 9.5yrs (Early 2011 MBP 320GB HDD 4GB RAM and Late 2013 rMBP 128GB SSD 4GB RAM). I'm in education, so can get the 3yr warranties for any Macs...
  12. Blue_Leader

    Upgrading MacBook Air 11-inch 2015 SSD - Looking for advice

    Hey everybody, I was just wondering if anybody could give me advice on suitable SSDs to purchase to upgrade the storage in my MBA 11" 2015. Ideally I'm looking for a 800GB - 120GB drive, anything in that range is fine, ideally I'm looking for the most affordable option. If location affects...
  13. Tyrian Cedar

    The golden SD card format/partitioning on MBA for video editing + backups + storage

    Is the below current Format / Partitioning scheme I have on my SD card that is permanently be attached to my MBA 2013 'good enough', or what commands should one do to get it to stay mounted and high-performing ? /dev/disk2 (internal, physical): #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0...
  14. C

    SSD differences 2013, 2015, 2017

    Hi, are there any differences between the ssd in a 2015 MBA and a 2017 MBA? In my opinion, they should be the same. But I found an offer on eBay, who offers an a new SSD for the mid 2013 - 2015 Model. The ssd does only have unter 100 Hours of working time.
  15. iMacedonian

    MBA 2020 i5 512 GB SSD vs Base MBP 2020 i5 256 SSD

    As the title suggests, since these two are the same price, would it be a better choice to get the MBA 2020 with 512 SSD storage and 10th gen i5 vs the 8th gen i5 on the base model MBP with 256 SSD that has better screen and cooling mechanism? What would you do?
  16. ctjack

    Macbook Air has 500+ nits under Bootcamp Windows

    According to this MB Air 2020 can give more than 500 nits of brightness under Windows OS without losing color accuracy. Just FYI.
  17. B

    Need help deciding a laptop

    I am deciding whether to get the 2020 13 inch Macbook Pro i5/16gb/256 or the 2020 13 inch Macbook Air i5/16gb/256. Looking to move on from my windows dell xps 13. I will be doing accounting work for my career so I will frequently be using email, adobe, mail, excel and word. I don't usually edit...
  18. F


    Hey there! I'm a graphic designer, I do all my work on my iMac. But I want to buy an MBP/MBA where I can do "soft work" (Illustrator/Photoshop basic stuff), I'm confused if I should buy the new MBP 13 entry line or the MBA with i5. MBP, where I live, is 1 529,00 € and the MBA i5 is 1 279,00 €...
  19. Carl Jón Denbow

    MacBook Air Late 2010, with Snow Leopard & WinXP Bootcamp, upgrade possibilities

    I've just installed snow leopard on a Late 2010 MBA with 4 gig RAM. I did this so that I could install WinXP in Bootcamp. Now my question: what's the newest OS that I can update to that will preserve my WinXP bootcamp? Thanks for any information you can provide. -- Carl
  20. M

    How new macOS can I go with a MBA mid '11?

    Currently running El Capitan. Maximum supported is High Sierra, but I can't seem to find experience threads with OS' newer than that. Anyone with experience as to performance with High Sierra or newer unsupported OS, willing to share would be greatly appreciated :) Specs: MacBook Air (11"...