2018 MacBook Air screen issue


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Nov 17, 2016
Could this be a hardware issue?

For reference, I just got my MBA 16GB/512GB (less than 24 hours with the machine) and I was playing Netflix in full screen, however, during viewing it then started to display frames from a previous YouTube video I had watched, during the Netflix show.

On top of this, the screen would also flicker intermittently which is obviously a concern for a brand new machine.


Feb 3, 2019
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Jan 29, 2007
Mine started doing up to once or twice a day. I found that if you put it to sleep with the drop down menu it keeps it from doing it. A temporary fix until Apple figures it out.


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Same issue here, 2018 MBA Retina. Happened twice, first time was 2 weeks from new (Jan 2019) & again tonight. Only happened when lid opened from close, never had to reset but closing lid & re-opening again did the job. Apple advised NVRAM / PRAM reset so as of April 19 it's not been fixed with software updates


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Nov 3, 2011
I have a 2019 mba that has this issue. Very weird. I closed the lid and opened it again and it was fine. Ran diagnostics and came out w/ no errors. Booked an appointment to be looked at by a genius. Do we know how common this is? Is it a logic board issue? Other folks w/ this issue, how did you deal w/ it?

I've been using a 3rd party usb c cable so I reverted back to the original apple cable it came w/ just in case. But I doubt the 3rd party cable is the culprit.
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Nov 3, 2011
Has anyone w/ this issue find out what the cause is? I opened my air today and it did it again. It was on 10.15.2. I’m going to take it in for diagnostics again. But last time I took it in they told me it is a software issue that Apple is aware of. Catalina didn’t fix it at all and this is a potential hardware issue that they are masking as a software issue.