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Apr 12, 2001

Digitimes claims that according to manufacturing sources, Toshiba and Samsung Electronics are planning on aggressively ramping up 8Gbit flash chip production in the coming months.

The reason is cited to be Apple's plans to introduce 2GB and 4GB versions of the iPod Shuffle "this June and August".

Apple presently offers 512MB and 1GB versions of the iPod Shuffle.

Digitimes continues to publish reports but has remained consistently inaccurate with their rumors in the past.


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Apr 9, 2001
only posted because digitimes is frequently cited around the mac web... despite their poor record.



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Jan 20, 2005
I wouldn't mind a 4GB shuffle as long as it has the ability to navigate more than one playlist. Perhaps add a center button?


Moderator emeritus
Mar 10, 2004
Bergen, Norway
I can see there could be a small marked for the 2 GB, but wouldn't the 4 GB be more expensive than the mini? And even if I sometimes shuffle through the 6-700 songs I typically have on my mini, the screen and ability to choose certain playlists is very nice when you got that many songs on it. The mini just makes more sense when we're talking sizes much larger than 1 GB...


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Jun 24, 2004
At even 2GB I would think a screen would be necessary, and definately at 4GB. But then, what of the Mini? They'd need a corresponding hike - 8 and 10GB minis?
I agree with the title..... very very unlikely....


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Jun 19, 2003
Chicago, IL
OK. Its going to be asked so we may as well get it out of the way: Why isn’t this page two considering the source?

I’d like to believe this but seriously. Why? At that size you would be eating into the Mini. Personally I think the max you would want to go is 1.5GB. Then jump to 5GB or so with a screen. Honestly, as someone else pointed out, anything above a GB really does need a screen. You aren’t talking a few CD’s at that point. It really is a collection.


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Dec 18, 2004
No way in hell. Its that simple. If Apple were to update the shuffle, it would be only to 2GB, so the lineup would be a 1GB at $99 and a 2GB at $149. Apple does realize that anything beyond 2GB needs a screen, plus its meant to be an entry level iPod. And like it was said, there would have to be a correspoding mini update, which would be likely to 6GB and 8GB minis, at $199 and $249, respectively. This kind of update would be announced at Macworld more likely than anything.


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Jun 17, 2004
London, UK.
seems like a crock of **** to me.. :D (sorry, i've always wanted to use that phrase..)

anyway, we all know digitimes have a poor record, and i cant see people going through 1000 songs without a screen / clickwheel - it would just be *too* frustrating.

move on people, nothing to see here..

oh, and while we're talking about digitimes, where's my 15" widescreen ibook...yeah, exactly.

also, does anyone else think the ipod lineup is getting a bit too complex?

i mean, i'm all for choice but when you change the lineup every 3 months it kinda gets a bit


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Feb 17, 2003
Well, if I could have a 2Gb Shuffle for $200, it would sound like a good deal. I still use my ipod (g3 15gb) mostly by letting it shuffle for me.

But 4Gb would definitely be an overkill.


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Jan 20, 2005
If they can squeeze 40GB into the mini form factor, then I would say drop the regular iPods, they are too big. The shuffle is fine the way it is, but perhaps lower the price, or add an additional 10 hours battery life. Oh, btw, Apple should try to aim for 30 hours battery life on the iPod mini.


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Oct 16, 2003
asif786 said:
also, does anyone else think the ipod lineup is getting a bit too complex?

i mean, i'm all for choice but when you change the lineup every 3 months it kinda gets a bit

AGREED...I think the normal iPod should be gone and the iPod photo should become the normal iPod. Color screens should just be standard. I look forward to buying an iPod mini with a color screen and photo capability.


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Oct 5, 2004
or maybe this could become just like an ipod mini, but smaller, and with a crazily high battery life?


Dec 30, 2002
While I'm with most people that this rumor is likely very false. I wouldn't be surprised to see flash based minis in the future.


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Sep 24, 2002
2 & 4 Gigs seems too much for a mp3 player without a screen, but it's useful if you use that extra space for portable storage.

Still I doubt it.


Aug 28, 2003
but wait.. it's more!

Actually, I like the idea of a 2 gb shuffle because I use it not JUST as a MP3 player but it has replaced my flash drive for work... My kids think I am cool because I wear it around my neck and I no longer worry about where my data is. I had a tendency to misplace my flash drive. I never misplace my shuffle.

Oh yeah, and it plays music too. How cool.

2Gb, 4 Gb, bring em on. I will still download just 20 or 50 songs, but cycle through them according to mood.


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Aug 7, 2004
We can only hope that this rumor is correct. I will put in a order as soon as it is introduced.


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May 20, 2002
Orlando, Florida
Probably is false.


I have a shuffle and love it ... is is my favorite Apple product ever, if not consumer product in general. I wouldn't mind being able to squeeze a few more song on my shuffle. I 99% of the time use it in shuffle mode, and so no need for a screen. (I sort by recently added and have my newest tracks at the beginning).

A 2GB shuffle would be perfect. and a 1GB shuffle for only $99 would be sweet as well. A 512MB really is not much, I bought one for my mom, and she filled it up instantly.

I hope it is not true that this will be the "forgotten iPod" ... and at least one increase in GBs would be nice.


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Jul 12, 2002
Oxford, UK
Cant see how it would make sense to put that much storage in a shuffle - from both financial and usability points of view.

It does make sense that maybe they could squeeze them into an iPod mini though if the cos compared to the HDs made sense...massively improve battery life and with a fair drop in form-factor available. if there is any truth in the rumour, I would hope they've got their shuffle's mixed up with their minis.


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Jul 3, 2004
Mac since 7.5
Pass the crackpipe this way, Digitimes

Page One?

Anyway, I'm all for Apple upping spec's on all hardware, but the Shuffle might not be so viable with much more than the 1GB storage it now has, unless there's a screen in it's future.
One of the chief selling points for me about the Shuffle is it's entry level price. If Apple can up capacity to 2GB and 4GB, add the suddenly-really-critical-to-have screen, AND keep it at $99 and $149, I'm all for it.

I cry BS.


Aug 28, 2003
sonofpismo said:
Probably is false.

Actually, I would call it inevitable. Perhaps false this summer, but price always comes down and storage always go up. When the chips are cheap enough we WILL see a 2gb shuffle. No reason not to. Heck at some point the 512 chips wont be cost effective to make.

Remember when 128 flash drives were thought to be more than enough?


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Aug 24, 2003
it's being ramped up for these, shuffles may or may not be true but they are not the reason for the chip ramping up.


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May 31, 2004
Cape Breton Island
I agree with the others on this site saying that 1 GB and 2GB seems more likely. I'm waiting till the end of the summer to get a Shuffle, and it would be cool if they replaced the 512 with 1GB (not waiting for an update to buy it, just gonna buy it then so you guys don't have to tell me to buy it now and be happy with it ;) )
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