3.5x5 inch print aspect ratio

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by muffinman, Jan 17, 2010.

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    what's the point of printing 3.5x5 inch prints instead of 4x6? why did the 3.5x5 aspect ratio come about?

    the reason i ask is because during my travels in korea, i purchased a set of extremely attractive photo albums that only fit 3.5x5 inch prints.

    i shoot 35mm/full frame. i know there will be a small amount of cropping.
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    I almost think it has something to do with post card sizes but I'm not sure.
    If you're set on using those albums then yes, your prints will need cropping.
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    3.5" x 5" used to be a popular format in the U.S. It was superseded by 4x6 sometime by the late 70's, or thereabouts. I used it myself printing B&W in the early 70's. I'm not sure where the aspect ratio came from, but no doubt was from a popular camera (I can't seem to pin it down, though. Of course 24x36 (or 2x3) became the standard). I imagine it used to cost less for the materials, which might have kept 3.5x5 around and/or some other industry using the it.
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    Dec 8, 2012
    I realize this is an "old" posting, but i am a photographer here in San Diego, and sell my stuff in many places. I was in the right place at the right time,and acquired over 30,000 A6 envelopes. I have always used A7 for of course i used 4 X 6 inch prints.. NOW i use whatever i chooose too.
    Ritz pix, has offers of .06 cent 3.5 X 5 prints every week. So i sell my greeting cards for about .10 in supplies and maybe 15 minutes of labor for retail of 3.99 to 4.50 each whether i do the A7 or A6 size. So maybe the unique smaller size is just for me. :D Nicole Ramirez
    oh i do sell those envelopes now for $20 a box including shipping and handling.
    for the united states....... :)

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