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Apr 22, 2014
Central New Jersey/ North Virginia, USA
As time goes on, parts for certain Macs become more and more scarce. 3D printing has opened a whole new world of possibility for getting replacement parts for our old and faithful Macs.

Except there's one problem...

There's an extreme lacking in any files online for parts. Every so often you come across someone making you pay for them to print and ship it to you, which is great for when you don't have a 3D printer or have access to one. Personally, I have access to 2 different MakerBots at school and I'd love to be able to print out parts. However, I don't know how to model the parts, nor do I have any precision measuring tools to attempt to make them. So for the sake of all of us who have access to 3D printers, I'm asking if anyone has or can make models for common parts for Macs. These parts include:

ODD covers for iBook Clamshells

Apple Leaves for iBook Clamshells

Slot Loading Optical Disk covers for Lombard/Pismo PowerBook G3s

Various front covers, casings, and buttons for various Power Macintoshes

Compact Macintosh Floppy Disk eject motor gears

Various other commonly broken plastic parts

Hopefully someone has or can make/share models that can be printed to replace these commonly broken parts. Thanks!
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This is a great renewed initiative to ultimately get 3D printed components of hard-to-find vintage parts.
The following was an interesting thread 2 years ago for one such component but I've heard or seen little since:

SSD bracket for G4 Cube and sti file:

And ATI Radeon 7500 G4 Cube bracket and sti file:

And one more I found for raising a G4 Cube:

It would be great to see a whole load of other components become readily available, especially the first 3 as listed by Gamer 9430.
In addition to the leaf, the Apple logo from Clamshell G3 iBooks are particularly sought-after because they become detached and lost so easily.
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