3GS can now play Apple TV encoded files

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by REBELinBLUE, Sep 11, 2009.

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    I'm almost ready to make an account at the HB forums to participate... but then I remembered how cranky everyone is over there, I think I'll just keep an eye on it.

    Worth noting is that the GPU in the iPhone can theoretically play back better-looking video than the Apple TV... so perhaps Handbrake's ATV preset is just the start.

    Though... someone in that thread mentioned a video wasn't syncing because it was too tall - I guess iTunes is still enforcing the same SD-ish dimension limits for all iPods and has just started accepting movies encoded with B-frames for syncing to the 3GS.

    As I understand it the phone ought to be capable of at least 720p playback.
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    There's the cranky ones, and there's the retarded ones, and the cranky ones yell at the retarded ones.

    Case in point: (from that thread)

    Why the hell can't you believe that would be true? The 3GS and new touch have more capable GPUs - older hardware wouldn't actually be able to decode video with b-frames so it makes sense not to sync it over!


    (yes, if I were on the HB boards I'd like be one of the cranky ones)
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    Moving away from insulting the HB forumites - news!

    Some totally unscientific testing, starting from HB's AppleTV preset in SVN 2773 (is there a newer one? I don't check so often), mainly to make sure the pixel dimensions are right (nothing taller than 560px will sync, it seems)...

    I turned on weighted and pyramidal b-frames, set b-frames to 6, r-frames to 4, CABAC is on, analysis = all, and automatic direct prediction - giving the following options string:
    And I set about chapter 18 of a Spiderman DVD5 I had lying about - the scene in which the green goblin attacks the parade.

    Well, see for yourself - the linked file will sync over to my 3GS and play just fine.

    Spider-man Chapter 18 Test MP4

    Note: this likely won't stream in your phone's web-browser (it doesn't in mine), but save-as and feed it to iTunes and it will sync fine.

    Of note - the only limit found so far is the r-frames - cranking it up to 6 produces a video that iTunes won't sync to the phone. 5 works, and we're trying 6 but with the other hard-core options turned off, on the off-chance iTunes is smart enough to be considering all the options as a whole rather than considering each one individually.

    More updates to come.

    [edit] - a bare-options 6 reference frames encode still won't sync, so that's something iTunes is very simply checking for.

    I wonder if it's checking some internal list of iPod specs, or if it's querying the device in question asking "what can you play back?" - I have heard tell of a video settings type plist in OS 3.X - maybe someone with a jailbroken phone can edit that plist and see if iTunes trusts it?

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