3rd gen apple TV work fine for mirroring?


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Apr 2, 2011
I mainly want to mirror an ipad on the screen
is the 3rd gen good for this?
or any reason I would need a 4th gen in the future?


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Mar 28, 2011
I've used an ATV3 for a few years just until I got a 4 a couple weeks ago, and they both seem to mirror equally well and fine. For screen mirroring or air playing videos, I've noticed no difference between the 3 and 4.

Keep in mind that there is just a really small amount of lag, and the image on television can compress just briefly if things are moving real fast. If you're wanting to mirror iOS games, I found that the novelty and 'usefulness' of that wore pretty quickly if it's like for a racing game or similar. But it's great for scrolling through text and images and all that.

Also note that iPad will mirror to your HDTV to a 4:3 picture, but a mirrored iPhone will fill the wide screen because they're matching the screen dimensions of the device. I mirrored HitmanGo to my TV recently and it was much more preferable to be mirroring it from my phone rather than from my iPad.

(And none of this applies to "air playing" videos, where it's only sending the video information to your TV and that lag and screen-dimension business is no longer an issue.)

You might have already known most of this, but I hope this helps!


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Apr 2, 2011
than for the reply
someone else metioned to me that the apple TV4 can run plex
so now I am considering if I would use that since I do keep backups of all my home videos on my PC


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May 25, 2017
I have an ATV3 and Ipad Air along with Iphone7. 2 questions if you please.
1. Facetime mirrored to ATV3 full screen possible? I'm willing to jailbreak my Ipad Air (via DisplayOut or Infuse maybe)
2. New nanny IP Cam WIFI to be the video feed for the Facetime session possible? (via Ismartviewpro maybe)

We are expecting a new grandchild out of state and want to Facetime during dinner to the Sony Bravia.
Thanks in advance
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