5% Battery loss in 4 days?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by temiller, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. temiller macrumors member

    Aug 30, 2010
    Hi all,

    I just bought my MBP, It came in on 9/3. I'm not sure if I should be concerned by this or not.

    I've had the MBP for 4 days total. Watts and the System Profiler both show that I've had 6 cycles. I'm down to 5506 mAh from 5770 mAh, and I have 95% health left. If it continues at this rate, 95 days (or cycles) or so I'll be down to a useless battery. I performed a cycle 2 days ago.

    I use my MBP as such - I charge it to 100%, sometimes I'll continue to use it on the charger, other times I won't. After its charged, if I leave my room with it, I won't charge it again until it gets down to 40% or less. I'll plug it in at the end of the night, and let it charge up. Sometimes I'll take it off the charger once I go to bed, other times I'll let it charge throughout the night.

    I've searched around, and haven't found a similar issue. Most of the ones I see are after a few months they are having battery issues. The Battery FAQ doesn't really answer this question for me.

    I really hate to ask this question, but I'm not sure if I should be worried or not. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. wordoflife macrumors 604


    Jul 6, 2009
    Go through 10-15 cycles and then report what is happening. It should be fixed by then. It takes time for the battery to settle down - otherwise it will keep jumping around.

    Enjoy your Mac though. :)
  3. temiller thread starter macrumors member

    Aug 30, 2010
    Ok thanks. Like I said I wasn't sure if I should be worried or not, so I figured I should check in and find out now before its to late and I have to send it in.

    As for enjoying my mac, I'm sensing some Jealousy from my other rig since I barely use it anymore.
  4. bamf macrumors 6502

    Feb 14, 2008
    Like the other poster said, it should normalize after a few cycles. Mine seemed a bit odd like yours at first, but now if I calibrate the battery I'm back up to 99 or 100%. I've got 32 cycles on my 2010 now.
  5. jumbb macrumors regular

    May 1, 2010
    Hey! I know this is not any help for you, but i just wanna know, how do you check your battery life? I've had my mbp for a year now and it would be good to check!
    Thanks in advance!
  6. moel macrumors 6502

    Nov 7, 2007
  7. GGJstudios macrumors Westmere


    May 16, 2008
    First and foremost, have you calibrated? Read the FAQ section "CALIBRATION".

    This should answer most, if not all, of your battery questions: Apple Notebook Battery FAQ
    What is your definition of a "cycle"? How did you "perform" it? Read the FAQ section "WHAT IS A CYCLE?"
    Read the FAQ. You don't have to wait till 40%... it will charge again at 92%. Read the FAQ section "CHARGING"
    What exactly is the question that the FAQ doesn't answer for you? Have you read it all?
  8. temiller thread starter macrumors member

    Aug 30, 2010
    I know how to check Status and Health. I've checked with Watts and the System Profiler.

    I said "I performed a cycle 2 days ago" That should be I calibrated it 2 days ago. My mistake. The definition of a cycle I use is the same as the faqs.

    My question was basically "Should I be concerned with the fact that I'm at 95% and 6 cycles within 4 or 5 days?" Which some other users answered for me.

    The reason I charge it at 40% or less is because I use it, and leave my charger in my room. I'm generally on it for a few hours a day and deplete the battery. By the time I go to my room for the night the battery is usually at least half used.

    And I've read the FAQ multiple times. Like I said, I hated to ask the question because I would just get linked to something that didn't really help with my specific question.

    Thanks for the help guys.
  9. GGJstudios macrumors Westmere


    May 16, 2008
    The answer is in the FAQ:
  10. temiller thread starter macrumors member

    Aug 30, 2010
    I saw that, but I was concerned if the 6 cycles to 5% loss would continue to change. i.e. 7-8 cycles to 6% loss, 8-9 cycles to 7% loss, and so forth.

    I guess I should have put that in my original post. But oh well, I now know I have nothing to worry about.

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