*5 personal top reasons to buy a Mac*


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Jul 18, 2005

I'm trying to decide why I should buy a Mac when it costs almost $800 more
than a PC, and has less software availible.

thanks for your help!


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Here is my top 5 reasons.

- I can do lots of stuff at once. I playing WoW while listing to music, downloading tons of stuff, ripping my DVD to watch at a later date and it does not crash. With windows it is posibble but not after 1-2 months of normal use.

- I dont spend an hour every day updating windows and nortin.

- iLife and other great software on macs.

- Everything i need to do i can do on my mac but better.

- I have had lots of problems with windows, they crash alot, they dont work as good as mac and they are not updated as much and are less exciting.

katie ta achoo

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May 2, 2005
Five reasons? Let's see if I can stay under that number...

1: You don't have to worry about Adware/spyware/viruses.
Word. I think this is self explanatory.

2: Macs seem to last longer than Windows PCs
I know people who still have old beige boxes running as webservers in their homes. Yeah, they aren't the zippiest, but they still work. I used an iBook from 2001 from sept 3rd 2004, to April 29, 2005 and it worked BEAUTIFULLY, even though it was 3+ years old.

3: The Software is better.
Yeah, you say that there is less software available, but I don't think that is true in the sense that you're thinking. It seems like there is less because it isn't as heavily advertised. There are thousands of small software houses that make and distribute software. A lot of it is free/very cheap! When I've played with Photoshop at the Apple store, it's so much better than it ever was on windows. I actually read somewhere that CS was designed with Apple in mind. (but don't quote me on this!)

4: When you get it, it's ready to do (Nearly anything) straight outta the box!
Connecting to the internet takes 3 minutes, MAX (in all my experience.. results may vary!). It comes with iLife, allowing you to quickly and easily organize pictures, movies, photos, and music. Does Dell or HP ship with anything like it stock? (I've never seen anything like GarageBand on windows that came free with the system.) You can literally have a brand-spankin' new mac for 3 minutes, import some DV footage (connects quickly and easily through iMovie, or if it's a hand-held consumer digicam, import the clips into iPhoto), edit it in iMovie (seen by MANY to be the best consumer entry-level movie editing system) and pop it onto a DVD with a pretty sweet theme, without having to install 3rd party software that costs $$$$$.

5: The beauty!
I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for eye candy. The OS is so refined. Everything works so fluidly. There are tiny details everywhere that just elevate the computing experience.

6: Exposé!
Hit one key and have access to all open windows. Instantly. Or, activate hot corners, and never move your hand off the mouse! It's CRAZY awesome.

7: Dashboard
Yeah, Konfabulator exists (does it do windows? I don't know..) but having it built right into the OS is nice. Apple's widgets are so easy to use, and simplify life. I track gas prices, so I can find the cheapest. I can find it for under $2 a lot of the times.

8: The Apple Store.
I've had nothing but good luck here. While other people may deal with grouchy clerks, I seem to just be able to smile at them sweetly and get helped with any problem I have. (yeah... it helps to be a girl with that, :D) On-the-spot help for ANY problem you're having with your Mac for FREE? That gets a "heeeellll yes!!" from me. It's not like repairs at best buy or compusa, where you give them your computer for 6 weeks, get charged $50, just to have it LOOKED at, and get charged $150 labour to install a $15 soundcard that you don't even need. All my experiences with Apple have been awesome. They never try sell me anything I don't need.

I could go on for hours.

and The cost isn't that much of a big deal any more.. a Mac Mini costs $499 for the base model... A USB keyboard and mouse (and USB hub, because.. you know) cost what... $20 total? A cheap display can be found ANYWHERE, bringing your total cost for a beautiful, stable, secure machine to about $570 (ohh yea.. cheap CRTs!).


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Jan 6, 2004
1. It just works.

2. Beautifully designed machines and OS.

3. OS X is much more secure out of the box. I don't have to worry about viruses, spyware, etc. I just use it.

4. Mac's are so much more user friendly and the software is much more intuitively designed.

5. Although PCs have gotten better since Windows 2000/XP, Macs still crash less often if ever.

6. Macs have a higher resale value


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Jul 23, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
1) OS X

2 - 5) Not important see #1

And I dunno where you get your information about PCs costing less, my Power Mac G5 was great value when I compared it to other dual 64 bit systems.

And if PCs cost $800 less and the Mac mini is $500 where can I get a PC where someone will give me $300 to take it off their hands?

As for the Mac having less software than Windows? So what how many versions of the same app do you actually need? OS X has great software, I come from a Linux/BSD open source background (never been in to Windows at all) and I love the open source, freeware, shareware, and commercial apps available on OS X, I finally feel like I'm actually using a computer to do stuff, not using it to try and do stuff.

Anyway best reason to buy a Mac? OS X, if you can't see that you really don't need one IMO!

katie ta achoo

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May 2, 2005
risc said:
And if PCs cost $800 less and the Mac mini is $500 where can I get a PC where someone will give me $300 to take it off their hands?
*raises hand*
there's this windows machine my mother is strangely attached to.. please "take care of it".

:p :p :D


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Jul 4, 2005
risc said:
And if PCs cost $800 less and the Mac mini is $500 where can I get a PC where someone will give me $300 to take it off their hands?
I think that would be the only way I would ever get another PC.

1. OSX, if you think there's not that much difference between OSX and Xp, think again, this is a fantastic OS.

2. iApps, they really do make using your Mac a far nicer experience. They are well designed, flawlessly integrated and incredibly powerful - you show me an app that can edit HD video with the ease of iMovie that comes free with a computer.

3. Ease of use, yes, this does tie in with the OS but the way the system works just makes far more sense than any other OS I've used, it's a simpler way of doing things and simpler is better - the less steps involved the less chance of a mishap.

4. Aesthetics, damn that's a fine looking computer, sure it may seem a bit shallow but I'd rather have a system that makes me feel comfortable in using it rather than a system that I feel doesn't belong anywhere but in some dark room shoved under a table. The current level of integration between the internet, computers and everyday life being what it is, wouldn't you rather have a system that is a pleasure to look at and use everyday.

5. Support, the online mac user communities and Apple themselves provide such levels of support and service that they can generally find someone who will have a deep working knowledge of any problems you may find - as the hardware is the same (mostly) across the systems there is always someone who can help.

You'll notice I left out no virii, adware, spyware etc. cause anybody can maintain such a level of security no matter what OS you run, it's just REALLY nice not to have to worry about it on a Mac.


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1 OS X - it's just so much more satisfying doings things with your computer rather than to your computer. I like the fact that I don't need to know all the technical details of how my Airport is configured at Starbucks hotspots since it just works.

2 Software - yeah, there's less in the shops but I've never yet thought 'oh, I'm going to have to learn programming since I want to do x and there's nothing available'. The Mac developers are excellent - and they create some pretty fantastic applications for very reasonable prices. Go have a look at things like Plasq's Comic Life, Delicious Library etc. And there's even a few good Freecell and Solitaire games so that's covered too. There's probably just as many good word processors on OS X as there are on Windows - there's just far fewer bad ones. Games - there's not the same range but that really depends on how much gaming rocks your boat.

3 iLife - go create a Photo Book in your iPhoto and order it. When it arrives, you'll have friends drooling over what your Mac can do. Apple should give a free iPhoto book to every Mac user - just to show what it can do. Incidentally, you can then create a movie of your photos with Ken Burns panning, any music you like from iTunes and burn it onto a DVD without having to copy files anywhere, change any formats and have it look good.

4 Mac Community - here is good but Apple's boards are really useful too. Get stuck with something on your new Mac (or even your 10 year old Mac) - you'll get an answer generally within minutes, definitely within hours. And they're usually polite and don't treat you like a freak for not knowing what every file on your computer does

5 Apple Stores - something goes wrong? Or you just need help doing something where it would be easier for someone to show you? Go to the Apple Store. The Genius Bar can help with hardware problems to installation problems. The Studio Staff can help you arrange a title in iMovie so it's exactly how you want it to look. Oh yeah... and those are free services...


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Jan 3, 2003
London, UK
1) Mac OS X - I don't think I could ever go back to using Windows XP willingly again, except maybe for games - but a decent gaming PC costs more than the average cheapy PC that you are comparing the price with. You could also think of this as 'liberation from Windows XP' - an operating system that has barely seen updates in the past 4 years, the next update is a year away and looks like a different theme on top of the same old kludge.

2) Freedom from Spyware and Viruses (at the moment anyway, once they are written then dumb users will find a way to get them installed on their systems - did you see that article about the person that just throws away their PC and buys a new one every time it gets loaded with Spyware? They could have saved themselves thousands if they simply got a Mac in the first place)

3) Style. Whatever you may think, I think that the looks of a PC do greatly contribute to the pleasure in using a computer. The one button mouse isn't all that bad once you get used to it even, and I like the small footprint of the Apple keyboard. The Mac Mini is frinkin' tiny. and so on

4) Apple Applications, and third party apps as well. They are simply of a higher quality in terms of usability. The Omni applications are nice, iWork is nice (even if Pages isn't complete really at the moment, it still beats Word in terms of getting a document written!).

5) System wide export to PDF.

6) Unix subsystem - means I run a CVS server, Apache, Tomcat, sshd, postgresql, mysql, request tracker (this was a hassle because one of the required CPAN Perl modules didn't compile under Tiger and needed to be edited) without any hassle, easy to setup, etc, on this PowerMac G5 2.3GHz at work, whilst being able to run a decent desktop on top. Yes, you can do the above on Windows too, but it is always a hassle (although MySQL is decently Windows-ised now).


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Apr 7, 2005
5 reasons NOT to buy a Windows computer

There are so many good things about the Mac, but here are my 5 reasons for not buying Windows based computers:

1) Viruses, Trojans, etc... - it takes an average of 12 minutes to get a virus when connecting a Windows computer to the internet

2) Performance - Windows will run really fast for the first few months, but then it will mysteriously start to slow down, often requiring a reinstall

3) Lots of open source software doesn't work on windows

4) GDI (the graphics subsystem) causes constant flicker when drawing applications on the screen (this might get fixed in Longhorn, if it ever comes)

5) Drivers - One of the largest causes of crashes/instabilities with Windows is bad device drivers. With apple you are buying the hardware from the same company who make the software, you know that they are going to be compatible.

I'm sure that there are lots of other good reasons to add to this list, but these were the ones that spring to mind. I have to use Windows computers every day and I find it's limitations very frustrating at times.

Willy S

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May 8, 2005
1. Linux doesn´t have enough apps. Gimp is not as good as Photoshop for example.

2. Mac OSX is by far the easiest and best. Nuff said.

3. Hope for more reliable computers. Later found out that my 2 rev A are not so reliable after all, which is a disappointment.

4. Nice looking and quiet computer with good screen.

5. Not higher price than PC since I paid 1000 and 800 Euros for my iMacs.

6. Applestore? Now, isn´t that a bit too much?

Dane D.

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Apr 16, 2004
Macs just plain work

1. Macs work as soon as you plug them in. Setup time under 10 mins. if you have all your internet info ready.

2. No viruses, spyware, adware or any other ware.

3. The BEST OS on the planet period.

4. They last a long time ( I have 2 that are over 10 years old and my kids use everyday.

5. QUALITY software not quantity of software.

6. Looks nice, not a ugly shoebox.

7. Your time is important and Macs will reward you with more time; because you are not messing with the computer trying to keep it running.

8. Good re-sale value.

9. Strong Mac community for answering questions you might have.

10. Last, why give Bill Gates anymore money? He is the ultimate Elmer Gantry.


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Nov 9, 2004
Salt Lake City, UT
1. No viruses, spyware, etc.

2. OS X is MUCH easier and more efficient to use than the Windows. I used Windows for more than 10 years (since Windows 3.1). After 2 weeks using OS X I felt more comfortable with it than I do with Windows.

3. Software selection. There are many Mac-only applications that I can't get for Windows. Things like Proteus, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, iPhoto, Delicious Library, etc. My experience has been that compared to Windows, there is a lot more really good freeware and shareware available. Small developers put a lot of time and care into developing really polished high quality applications for the Mac, as opposed to Windows, where there is a lot of slapped together, poorly thought out, partially functional freeware and shareware, with the good stuff a lot harder to find.

4. UNIX underpinnings. I like the very powerful command line that Mac OS X provides. The ability to easily compile and use almost any open source application is also a big plus for me. To some people this point isn't relevant. If you don't know or care about UNIX, there's no reason to even know anything about the command-line. If you are a UNIX user, Mac OS X is the best UNIX out there.

5. Stability. When I used Windows, I was used to applications malfunctioning or crashing fairly regularly. As a Windows user, you get kind of used to it, and just think of it as a fact of life when using computers. My experience with a Mac has made me realize that while nothing is perfect, the Mac is a lot closer that Windows PCs. Most programs just work, and NEVER give me any trouble whatsoever. I have yet to have a problem with my Mac that wasn't caused by something that I was able to fix by either reading the forums here, or going to Apple's support site. On Windows, I was always having weird problems that I couldn't really figure out how to deal with, no matter what I did.

6. This is a minor point in the big picture, but it's something that's important to me. Apple's hardware and OS look really good. Windows looks awful in comparison, not to mention the generic, bland, boring hardware most PC makers use.


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Oct 26, 2003
Cardiff, Wales
OK, I admit that OS X provides 100x better stability than Windows, however Apple's statement "it doesn't crash" is a laugh. Lots of apps crash and sometimes we get Kernal Panics too. I can "feel" when my mac is about to crash though, and its usually when i'm doing a 100 things at once, but still.. it shouldn't.


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Oct 20, 2002
zakatov said:
1. Stability
2. No spyware
3. No viruses
4. Hardware/software look good
5. It Just Works.

In no particular order
Very succinct and to the point. Good job. Now to wait and se what jiva thinks.


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Jun 11, 2005
Hey this is actually thread for wannabe-iBook-update-hungry-switchers and Mac owners as well! Subject being "The top 5 reasons why I own/want to own a mac?". :D

Here are mine reasons why I'm going to switch:
1. Fed up with software/hardware failures and incompatibility
2. Tired of Windows problems
3. Tired of spending bit of every sunday to keep computer clean, despite that getting tired with point 2
4. My computer is loud and prone to overheating
5. I need good but cheap music software, Garageband2 comes to mind


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Jun 6, 2005
jiva said:

I'm trying to decide why I should buy a Mac when it costs almost $800 more
than a PC, and has less software availible.

thanks for your help!

Im actually buying a mac because it has less software compatibility! Tryign to rid myself of game addiction when I goto college. I figure Ill be bored to hell Ill be forced to do my work :D


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SpaceMagic said:
OK, I admit that OS X provides 100x better stability than Windows, however Apple's statement "it doesn't crash" is a laugh.
Do Apple say that? Or is it just us that say that?

I agree though - when something does kernel panic or an app crashes though, the immediate reaction is that there's something wrong with the computer and that Apple should fix it in the next upgrade since these things shouldn't happen. As opposed to when things crashed on Windows when I used to just sigh, not bother sending MS any feedback since I had a feeling they all just printed out straight into the trashcan and hope that my work had been recovered since I was used to it happening.


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Feb 3, 2004
Virginia Beach, VA
While I doubt the sincereity of the person who started this post... here are my top 5:

1. My Mac makes me enjoy using my computer again.

2. I don't have to worry about viruses or spyware.

3. It just works like it supposed to. This is more apparent every time I have ot help a friend fix his PC, it makes me wish I had never even messed with Windows in the first place.

4. Apple's software and software for Macs are superior to whats available for Windows.

5. Even though my laptop is 2 years old, its still way cooler than PC laptops (as evidenced by the predictable compliments from Windows users when I pull it out around them).