iPhone SE 5S Battery Replacement - Experiences?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by IJBrekke, Mar 22, 2016.

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    Hi All,

    My 5S is doing pretty well, a little over two years old and functioning as designed with minimal slowdowns. Updating to 9.3 last night gave it a nice bump in speed and smoothness.

    Battery life isn't great, however. A question for those of you that have replaced batteries on these: Did you see a noticeable improvement?

    I'm wondering how much of the degradation has to do with aging and how much of it is newer (and more resource intensive) software. I understand that it is a mixture of both to some degree, but if I'm to replace the battery I would like to see a nice jump in longevity.

    I charge the phone daily, so it has seen two years worth of cycling, FYI.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback and advice.
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    I don't have a 5s, but I did have the battery replaced in my 5 last year. After iOS 9 came out it went from running all day to needing to be charged in the middle of the day. Once I had it replaced it went back up to running all day on one overnight charge. It's not quite as good a few months later, but it still goes all day or at least until I get home in the evening. I haven't upgraded to 9.3 yet. Hope that helps!
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    I replaced my iphone 5 battery just yesterday for the first time (had the phone for 3.5 years) because i noticed it got hot fast when using the cell network and data, and would die fast, it would be 40%, then suddenly drop to 10%, then when I charge it on the electrical socket, it would go from 1% to 30% in a matter of 1 second after plugging it.

    the new battery is amazing, my iphone 5 feels like it's been resurrected, and it lasts me the whole day now. (but take my word with a grain of salt, I still need to buy a local sim card and put it in to see how long it lasts with the local cell network and data since I am traveling at the moment.)

    even my macbook air 2012 needs a batter replacement. its suppose to be a 6700 mah battery, but battery monitor shows it can only hold now just 4800 mah.

    so yeah, the battery does age, and definitely would recommend replacement
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