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    My ongoing project of building the worlds deadliest Power Macintosh 8600/250 has culminated in a system that now has 1GB of EDO RAM, an 80GB HDD via PCI IDE (along with the 4GB SCSI Fireball), and a Radeon 9200 128MB VRAM. The motherboard and CPU remain unaltered in any form. That CPU is the PowerPC 604ev, the final OWR model used right before the 750, or G3.

    I have attempted to install various versions of Mac OS X including Jaguar and Puma, to compliment my 9.2.2 install. Oddly enough few of those worked out very well, largely due to unreliable install disks. However, today I successfully managed to install and boot Tiger (which usually cannot be installed on Pre-G3 systems, even using XPF), thanks entirely to the assistance of LightBulbFun and his modified "mach_kernel". Of course, one of the big reasons I (as well as LightBulb) was eager to install Tiger was the prospect of running GeekBench on the 8600, and see how the 604ev compared to G3's and G4's.

    To my immense surprise, everything booted up just fine after I cloned my QuickSilver install and booted using the modified Kernel and XPF. GeekBench ran without a problem (even though it did take over 20 mins!) and I got a result I can only assume nobody on earth has ever obtained before today! An earth shaking '95' no less!

    System profiler identities the CPU as "60? (1.0)" as Tiger was clearly never even envisioned to run on such hardware. The GPU is correctly identified alright. But not even GeekBench can tell the CPU.

    (Just notice the "Quicksilver" machine name. This is a result of the QS HDD clone, I must change that!)

    Full results can be found here: http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench2/2594131

    Photos of my adventure can be seen below:

    Photo 22-03-2016, 22 08 10.jpg Photo 22-03-2016, 22 08 11.jpg Photo 22-03-2016, 22 09 59.jpg Photo 22-03-2016, 22 10 03.jpg Photo 22-03-2016, 22 15 10.jpg
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    It would be a monster computer in '90s.
    Great work.
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    This may be the best thing on the internet today! I'd love to do the same with a 350MHz 9600 and see how it compares.
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    Go for it!

    ... and I love the avatar. I was just lamenting the other day how I sometimes feel nostalgic for the era when the entire OS was burned into a ROM chip and you could type:
    Load "*" ,8,1

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