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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by AbSoluTc, Jun 9, 2016.

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    Ive heard about this but have never had the issue until a few minutes ago. I went to check my phone and it was dead. Screen would not light up and nothing would activate it. Touched the home button and it was hot. Help power and home and it came back on and the home button is cool again. Battery is at 52%.

    Why would this start now? Phone was never dropped, gotten wet or anything. A week back, twice, the same thing happened but I did not notice a hot home button. I had to hard restart the phone to get it back.

    Any ideas? Something go bad? Software?
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    You own any other computers? Laptops, desktops, other phones? Ever have to reboot one of these devices? Computers never get confused, software always works perfectly, bits never get set wrong inside a chip. This is why planes have double and triple redundant computer systems.

    You did a hard reboot. Most experiencing this problem find this solved it. If you want to feel more secure, or this problem repeats, take phone into Apple Store and have em run diagnostic. Most of the time if you are polite you may even get a replacement phone if this issue keeps coming up. It's not impossible that the button has a defect. After all when several hundred millions are produced there will be a few defective ones. You might want to try a fresh restore as new. Hope you get this solved and can enjoy the phone.

    There are hundreds of millions of people with iPhones. The few that come on this forum tend to have problems they are wanting solutions for. Or have some point to make. Taking what you read here as being representative of the vast majority of users, is definitely a false impression. Very few people join this forum to take time and say how their phone is working well with no problems.

    When I go to forums for other phones, I see just as many issues and problems. No manufactured product will be 100% perfect with every single device all of the time. It's nice when a manufacturer has a place to take, send, or call to inquire about issues and stand behind their product with replacement for vast majority of issues.

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