A1181 Macbook No Display, Solid Power Light

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Boosted98, Feb 12, 2018.

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    Jun 22, 2017
    My newest A1181 Macbook still has a display issue after replacing the inverter cable. Before replacing the cable, the computer turned on, but the display flashed quickly (less than a second) and went black. I also got a solid white power light, rather than it turning off after the display comes on like it normally would. I did, however, hear the usual startup chime. What led me to replace the inverter cable was checking the display with a flashlight and seeing the flashing folder. I checked the resistance of the individual wires on the inverter cable and determined there was a short in at least one, showing ~3 ohms.
    Now when I press the power button, the display flashes very quickly (a little quicker than before), but doesn't display anything at all. Checking with a light revealed nothing. The white power light is still glowing solid still, but there is no chime.
    I removed the keyboard again just to check over all connections, and everything looked fine. I don't think any wires were being pinched in the hinges, I was careful to route them as they were.
    RAM in installed, HDD is connected.
    I tried to reset PRAM, but the computer didn't even turn off. I'm pretty sure it's a hardware issue.

    But my question is... is there anything that I could have screwed up? I'm pretty sure I put everything back together right, I've torn down quite a few of these A1181s. I connected the inverter cable to the board as it was and reassembled.
    I guess it's possible the inverter board itself is faulty, but being that I'm not getting ANY display now, I think it's probably an issue with the logic board. Is there something I'm missing, or anything to check?
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    I did.

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