MP All Models About to purchase a Mac Pro need input

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Macmatrix1, Jul 25, 2019.

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    I think some of this depends on which NLE you use. FCPX takes advantage of AMD, which promotes 2 and 3. So if video is the primary use then that's a consideration.

    I think I would choose 3. New/supported. Upgradeable in RAM and egpu and external TB disks. But this is based on overall supportability, and video editing. I am less informed on bootcamp and AutoCAD for these options.
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    The i7-8700b in the mini ought to beat the e5-1650 v2 in the trash can.
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    I have mixed feeling when replying to this message. I have to say, I love my cMP, it's one hell of a very solid computer. I have been using it for almost 3 years now since my last Mac Mini 2009 die on me at 2017. Thanks to very knowledgeable folks recommendation in this community. I end up getting a cMP 2009, since then the rest is history, have been a very happy camper. My workflow is far from demanding application like yours, video editing and 3D rendering. It's just an online computer.

    However, up to this point, it looks like the party for cMP is coming to an end, looks like 5,1 will not have official support for Catalina (it may still run). Given the tremendous progress in maturity in the Hackintosh arena, if I am in your situation I may look at that, instead of limiting oneself on an Apple hardware platform.

    Here are two youtubers I keep my radar on their recommendation for Hackintosh build list.

    I am still expecting the cMP would serve me for years to come, but if the day come it has to go. I would not be caught off guarded. I probably would build myself a cheap Hack Mini like the following.

    Hope this gives you some food for thoughts.


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    Do any of the Hackintosh Youtubers comment on the ease of use once its built? I‘m talking short-term hurdles like OS updates, middle-to-long-term ones like T2 and the transition to ARM.
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    That would be the same for actual Macs and Hackintoshes.

    OpenCore is up and running again (those that released an old LGA771 Kickstarter board where you could install MacOS on) so that will work in the interim. There is also the AMD Vanilla macOS project.

    If you follow the guides and don't buy hardware that differs it should be pretty straightforward.

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