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Absolute dates on iOS


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Apr 28, 2006
Hello, I fear I know what the answer will be, but I ask it anyway: is there a way to turn off the relative dates on an iPhone (X, latest OS). It is especially annoying in the mail app, having to count on my fingers which date was "Thursday" etc.
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I find this very annoying too. When you get a lot of emails and use multiple timezones it is especially tiresome. I have no interest in emails that arrived on Thursday I want a real date and consistency. The concept of today, yesterday, Friday...Etc... then 28th... 29th... - it’s awkward and not business friendly. I have searched but been unable to find a way of turning on ‘all real dates’ even when using timezone support. It’s an issue in many Apps - Messages, Facetime but most annoying in Mail. It should be possible to turn on ‘absolute dates’ in General settings, Language and Region but it’s not.
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