Absolutely loving the iPad calendar


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Feb 23, 2006
Ft. Lauderdale
It's actually my preferred method for updating my calendars now
. I wish apple would incorporate the calendar layout into it's OS X..


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Mar 19, 2008
OC Baby!
Have you noticed that you can't delete goggle appointments from the iPad calendar? I'm not sure what is wrong???


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Feb 3, 2008
Glendale, AZ
I use it with MobileMe and it works great!

Now my calendar is synced on my Air, my iPhone and my iPad


iPad calendar app is by far the coolest looking.


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May 2, 2006
Simi Valley, CA
I have my google calendar set up using CalDAV, it allows you to delete events.
I'm having a slight problem with my google sync. I made some changes to a couple of events while at a meeting and I wasn't in a wifi area when it finally connected it deleted them off the iPad. Strange thing is, I thought they were gone so I added them again and when I went to google there were 2 separate events.

Now here is the strange thing. Those accounts I changed while at my meeting WILL NOT sync to my iPad no matter what I do. It's as if the iPad has locked them out. Every other event, new and old has synced perfectly.

I need to find a way to reset the system. I have deleted and re-added the caldev and they do not show up. Anyone have any thoughts?


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Jul 2, 2009
Disapointed that you can't "swipe" to advance a day like iBook! Apart from that it's much better than the iPhone version, where I use pocket informant.


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Mar 23, 2010
United States
Being a photographer, this was my MAIN reason for buying an iPad.

On the builds: The month selector at the bottom is too small. Maybe adding a rolodex type slider at the bottom would be useful? Swiping would be great. Access to the settings for the calendar while in the calendar would be awesome as well. How about a double tap on a day to bring up the add new entry pane?

I would also like to see Apple add a native task manager within the calendar to mimic the basic Franklin Covey method for planning. This is by far and away, my biggest nitpick of the application... lack of task management.

That being said, I LOVE the calendar application. It is much more like using a paper based planner, and much easier to see and manage with the 10" screen.


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Apr 12, 2010
My one gripe so far with calendar is that you can select which calendar when you create an event. But I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change the calendar that an entry is linked to after it's created. Doesn't make sense. I've had to delete an event and then re-create it, remembering to select which calendar it belongs to. And the calendars you can select to create an appt for are the ones that are native to the iPad...e.g. I cannot choose to create an event for my gmail calendar. Am i doing something wrong?


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Mar 24, 2009
+1 on the swipe. I can swipe to turn a page in iBook but not in calendar :(

Btw I love the iPad calendar just add the swipe plzzz
I thought I was nuts for wanting this too. Glad to hear I'm not alone. I just automatically tried to swipe and was disappointed it didn't work.


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Jul 12, 2008
I love the layout of the calendar, but I think it was rushed. First of all, in the day view Apple went out of their way to make it look like a book, but never implemented the "swipe page turn" functionality that's offered in the iPad's book reader (even though it shows page turns when you change the day). Second, creating an appointment forces you to use dials, which is a clunky and inefficient way to handle drop-down menus on the iPad. Additionally, the intuitive thing to do for creating an appointment would be to touch-hold the timeslot in the calendar view to have the new appointment menu appear with the timeslot preselected, and I'm surprised they didn't implement something like this. I'm also disappointed that they still don't support URL links in the notes section.

Other than those, I do love the new layout!