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Discussion in 'macOS' started by Red_Tiger, Apr 25, 2019.

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    Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to pick your brains on a conundrum I am currently facing. My MacBook Pro 15” late 2011 has had its logic board fail again (5th time). Long story short apple want to see proof of purchase as I am currently working with their customer service team to potentially remidy the situation. I know it’s an old product and they don’t support it anymore....this isn’t the question I need help on.

    My problem is that the proof of purchase is on a email archived in mail situated on my internal hard drive in the MacBook Pro.....great.

    Some main points:

    -I have an external duplicate of the drive (for backup) so I tried to boot into it using a 2006/2007 iMac but it can’t due to differing OS’s (Mac have capped the upgrading on systems). It just throws up the grey circle with a line through it.

    -Instead of booting into the HD, I decided to load it as an external drive and see if I could find the email in question rooting around the Libary loaded fine but I couldn’t find a sodding thing :s

    -I do have a time machine from the MacBook Pro HD

    -The only way I can think of getting the email in question is to setup a new user on the iMac and potential use my time machine from the MacBook to set up a new account on the iMac....hopefully migrating over my archived emails?

    Thanks guys, I know it’s an odd one but any help is appreciated :)
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    The problem with your "only way" idea is that it won't work because of the different versions of Mail. Your iMac's older version of Mail will most likely not be able to read your MacBook Pro's newer Mail archives. Your safest way is actually to boot another Mac from your external duplicate of the drive - any Mac that will run with the version of macOS installed on that drive will do.
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    Are you familiar with the term, "RadeonGate"?
    Because that's what your 15" MacBook Pro probably has -- and has had for quite a while.

    You cannot "fix it" by replacing the logic board, because it will just fail again due to the same fault (the discrete GPU).

    I WOULD NOT pay money to have the board fixed or changed again.
    Put that money towards something new (or newer) instead.

    There IS a way to "permanently disable" the discrete GPU so that only the "integrated graphics" are used instead. There are threads about how to do that posted here at macrumors. This will cost you nothing and once done, you should be able to keep using the 2011 MBP (without the benefit of discrete graphics, of course).

    But again, why do you keep wasting your money "repairing" something that cannot be fixed?
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    Thanks Fishrrman for the reply, most appreciated.

    Never heard of RadeonGate, thanks for the heads up.

    I have also never paid for the logic board replacements and never will. Apple replaced free of charge the 4 times it failed. Though they have sadly stopped this service due to the age of the product.

    I pleaded to Apple customer services and they are reviewing my case....I doubt I’ll get it fixed but a little off my next purchase would be nice :)

    Fingers crossed.

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    Thanks mj_

    I will see if any of my friends have a compatible Mac.

    I have multiple backups but it is frustrating that I can’t use any :s

    All the best!


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