Accessing Songs on Newer Machine.

Discussion in 'iPod' started by oscsjc, Feb 1, 2013.

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    I have an problem I can't find an answer for. I have purchased tunes from an older itunes account that I no longer use. These songs are on a widows machine. When I upgraded to the iMac, I can see the songs in iTunes, but when I try and play it, I get a prompt to register the song with the computer and it asks for my old itunes password. I can also see the songs on my iPhone, but they will not play. I have forgotten the password, and the email address associated with it is no longer valid and gone. I have most of them on an older iPod Nano. Is therer any easy way to retrive them, or are they lost forever?
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    I don't think we can help you here. The first thing you can try is to try to login to iTunes using your old AppleID (email address = AppleID), you may have entered password reminders when you created your account.

    If that doesn't help, follow the link to "Support" in iTunes. Some human at Apple would have to help you, because they cannot know that a random email address that you tell them is actually connected to you. But they might have the possibility to check account details and see it's the same address. On the other hand, for privacy reasons I would expect that no Apple employee can do that.

    Can you still play the songs on your Windows machine? If yes: Burn them to Audio CDs. Then import the audio CDs back on the Mac.

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