accuracy of Mail delivery?

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    I've talked with a second person who claims they sent me an email that I have never received. It would of been sent to either my @me or @icloud address and I'm using Mail on either a MBP or MP (10.11 & 10.8)

    Neither of the people are in my contact list nor are most people I communicate with. This email would of contained either a pdf or doc file as an attachment - I've checked my junk folders. I am very impressed how Apple has eliminated most of yesterday's spam but now I'm wondering if it's a bit too strong? Is there any way to actually see all the spam that come through

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    There have been reports of Apple silently deleting messages it thinks are spam and you have no way of knowing it happened. You might try having your friends sending it to another address like GMail or something to see if it gets through.

    Look at this thread as an example.
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    At least with gmail if is not spam, but Google thinks it is, u can mark it spam/not spam by the user.

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