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MP 7,1 Adding Another Samsung SSD for Bootcamp (Mac Pro 7,1)

Joshua Rhines

macrumors newbie
Original poster
Aug 31, 2020
Hello my fellow Mac Pro brothers and sisters!

I recently purchased a Mac Pro, and even more recently added a Samsung Evo 2 TB SSD on my Mac side. I also dual boot this computer for some casual gaming. My Mac Pro came with a 1 TB drive, which I split 700/300 between Mac and Windows. It would be handy to have some more space on the windows there any disadvantage to adding a second Samsung Evo 2 TB for the Windows side? Will it mess with any of my Mac OS performance? Sorry if these are noob questions, this is my first upgradeable computer I've owned (previous had MacbookPros and the 6,1 Mac Pro)

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