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  1. M

    Samsung T7 Shield SSD - Samsung Portable SSD Software - Proprietary Encryption

    I recently purchased a Samsung T7 Shield SSD, and was surpised to find out there is Samsung's own proprietary security software installed. I don't know what encryption this is using, but I see from Disk Utility that the drive is format to Master Boot Record using ExFat. The advantage of this...
  2. A

    Are there any external SSD enclosures with on/off switches?

    I have a Acasis TBU405Pro enclosure with WDBlack SN850X but it doesn't work as I need. I would like to use it like I use it like all my other external hard drive : mount them when I need them (for video editing) and unmount them when I no longer need them. So, even if I unmount the Acasis SSD...
  3. Apple_Glen_UK

    Help setting up 'new' MacBook Pro (2015)

    I have just purchased a second-hand 2015 MacBook Pro, 13". Although old now, I plan to run Mojave on it for my wife. But I am having trouble getting it set up. It was on running on Monterey so I planned to reinstall the original operating system it shipped with - Yosemite - and then 'upgrade'...
  4. A

    MP 7,1 OWC 64TB Accelsior 8M2 PCIe 4.0 Storage Card

    Who has this installed on their MP 7,1? Very curious. No luck finding an independent review. If any forum member could provide a link to an independent review, please do share. And in the hopes of expanding potential responses, I'm open to the 32TB as well.
  5. jastahooman

    Installing Mac OS X Tiger on MacBook Pro 2006 (MacBookPro2,2)

    Have this issue that I have a 500GB SSD and the OS setup shows it as 3.7 TB Help??? If you need more info ask me.
  6. C

    iPod Ipod classic memory dropped after restore

    6 years ago I had my 160gb ipod classic 6th/7th gen upgraded to 500gb ssd. Worked fine untill last week when the screen displayed sad face and cross and instructed to connect to itunes and restore, first ever time. I was not running Rockbox and instead the logic board was changed during the...
  7. Andrey84

    Very High SSD Power Cycle Count MBP 2015

    While checking on my SSD's health, I was surprised to see the Power Cycle Count of 70,619 yesterday. I was even more surprised to see it increase by 21 to 70,640 today, even though total pick-ups for today and yesterday were 9, and I've disabled 'put hard disks to sleep when possible' yesterday...
  8. Alvin777

    Cheapest But Durable & Reliable 2TB SATA (Speed Not a Priority, Can Be a No-Name)?

    Hello Apple friends. In 2024 w/ many players not just the usual (Crucial, Micron, TeamGroup etc.) in the SATA SSD space, what's the cheapest 2TB SATA drive that's durable & reliable (speed is not a priority) w/ good warranty has anyone discovered? It doesn't need to be a popular brand name. I...
  9. Alvin777

    Will HFS+ Damage SSDs?

    Hello Mac friends, Will using HFS+ damage SSDs (understanding that APFS was made of SSDs and HFS+ is for hardisks, for mechanical drives)? This is for Time Machine (speed is not a priority). If HFS+ won't damage the SSD, I'm switching from APFS to HFS+ hoping I won't get the 'not enough space'...
  10. S

    iMac - 2017 - Modifying Fusion Drive

    Just posting. I had an 2017 - 18,2 iMac 21 Inch. It was crazy slow. I had about 600 GB stored and the fusion drive (32 GB + 1 TB platter). Just a few things I learned recently and figured to share. - Apple stops its support of the machine. Latest OS is Ventura, I would not invest much in...
  11. X

    Can I install 2nd SSD in iMac?

    Hi I have a mid-2011 27" iMac. I have TOSHIBA 256GB SSD in SATA 1, and my question is Can I install 2nd SSD in SATA2? That TOSHIBA disk have Apple logo, and I want to install 500GB Samsung. Can it work? With gratitude
  12. on the rocks

    Which protection and format would be recommended for a T7 SSD to protect its data

    Recently I have bought a Samsung T7 Shield 4TB SSD drive. I would like to protect the data on this particular drive. I wouldn’t mind if it’s with a password or encryption. As long it has some protection which is reliable. Reliable as in for instance it doen't depend on software updates for it to...
  13. daniramirezescudero

    Mac mini 8/16GB - 256/512GB and multiple open tabs

    I'm a journalist. I work mainly with the following services open simultaneously: mail app, Spotify, grammarly, WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, Calendar, Deepl, Bluetooth connected keyboard + mouse + loudspeaker and heavy browser usage (Brave mainly) I usually can have 20 tabs open. I type in several...
  14. H

    MP 7,1 2019 Mac Pro SSD questions.

    Hi all, hope well. Question for you; Is it that the 2019 model MUST have two drives installed to function? If not can the two internal drives be configured as two separate ones as opposed to some kind of RAID that I assume it is usually?
  15. Buadhai

    M1 Base Model MBA (8/256) Poor External Drive Performance

    I put together an external drive for my M1 MBA base model (8GB RAM, 256GB Internal Drive). The external drive is a Samsung 1TB 970 EVO Plus M.2 NVMe SSD. The enclosure is an ORICO USB4.0 M2 NVMe SSD Enclosure 40Gbps PCIe3.0x4 The cable is an ORICO PD Cable for Thunderbolt 4 Video 8K 60Hz...
  16. macthekatt

    Will a Catalina SSD run if put in a 2010 Macbook Pro?

    Hi everyone! My cousin gifted me his old Macbook Pro 15" - 2,88 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, 512 MB display, 500 GB HDD, battery with only 35 cycles. I think it is a 2010 model. Not sure, as in "about this mac" it only shows "El Capitan" but no year at all. I was thinking of replacing its El Capitan...
  17. rjalex

    Please help choose M.2 NVMe 4.0 4TB SSD

    Dear friend, I want to assemble a 4TB NVMe 4.0 to host my Documents folder and music production libraries and project for both my M1 Mini and my M2 Macbook Pro. After a lot of reading I would be inclined to use this Acasis TBU405PRO enclosure at 160 euros. Can anyone help me decide amongst the...
  18. A

    USB enclosure + SSD best matching iMac late 2013

    Some number of knowledge and recommendation exchange sites has been visited. Tips found either cover altogether wide range of situations or in particular deviate from situation here. In latter case in result unsure how well can transfer (those found) to goals set here. We look for compound USB...
  19. on the rocks

    Is SSD Samsung T7 Shield good for storing movies/series? Plus backing up data for the long run?

    Hello I have the following dilemma. At the moment I have a 4K tv always hooked up with my Macbook M1 to watch movies and series I've downloaded. I am planning of buying myself an OLED for a better movie experience. Therefore I will probably also download larger quality content as REMUX files for...
  20. D

    Portable SSD as permanent external storage for my Mac Studio

    I need reasonably fast external storage for my Mac Studio and am sort of new to this as before I had all my drives internally in an old Mac Pro (6 drives in total...). For now I do not want to go with the most expensive options due to budget concerns and I also do not want to "build" it myself...