1. Alvin777

    Steps In Replacing the Apple Blade SSD Part in a Fusion Drive?

    Hi. The SSD still fused with the 2TB Fusion Drive in the Late 2015 5K iMac seems to have failed and can no longer be detected by Disk Utility (w/ View All Devices) and Terminal (Diskutil List). What are the proper steps to take to replace the Apple Blade SSD part of this Fusion Drive? I...
  2. mkjohnnie

    Samsung T5

    I need a new external hard drive (just for backups), and I’m thinking of trying a Samsung T5 SSD. 1. I’ve heard that it will need to be reformatted - is that correct? How difficult is that to do? 2. What is the process for encrypting my backups?
  3. B

    Late 2012 Blade SSD in Mid 2011 Imac 27" ?

    Hi, I have found this OEM blade SSD from an Late 2012 Imac 27" (768GB) on an auction-site here in sweden. I was wondering if I could fit it in my mid 2011 Imac 27". I don't mean if I physically can fit it in the Imac! I mean if I can use Cables from standard HDD?
  4. K

    Prohibitory sign on RESTART after installing Samsung 870 EVO Sata 2.5" SSD on Mini Late-2012

    I'm trying to upgrade my late-2012 mini stock HDD with Samsung 870 EVO SATA 2.5" SSD. At first I was having issue with getting disk utility to detect the drive, i thought it was a loose connector so i redid my setup and it popped up. Then during the OS installation using bootable Catalina USB...
  5. Alvin777

    What Happens If You Make a Fusion's Hardisk an External Drive?

    Hello MacRumors friends. What happens if you remove the hardisk of a Fusion drive and made it into an external drive? Would your User folders be there (Documents, Desktop, Pictures, etc.) and will it be readable? I plan to remove both the Apple SSD and the hardisk of the 2TB fusion drive in a...
  6. D

    How much actual free space on the 256 GB SSD (M1)?

    How much storage is available on the M1 MacBook Air (with a clean install) with the 256GB SSD? And could I upgrade it after I bought?
  7. J

    External storage

    Dear community, currently, I am a Windows user. I will get the new 14“ MacBook Pro with 512 GB storage when it’s out. I am not storing videos/pictures, mainly office stuff. Now I am looking for an external backup system. In my imagination, I want to use an HDD/SSD which I stick in from times...
  8. T

    M1 Mac Mini speed difference between intetnal and external SSD?

    Long story short, I want to buy a Mac Mini, but I already have some external SSD. Should I spend some money on more internal SSD, or go with less and use the external one? How much of a diffetence is between the speed?
  9. R

    Can't disable TRIM, MacBook crashes after sleep mode

    I have installed a Samsung 870 QVO in my 2008 MacBook Pro. Then I've installed Catalina 10.15.7 with dosdude's patcher and then installed my time mahine backup. The problem is, that the system crashes and restarts every time I try to wake it up from sleep mode. I have noticed that TRIM was...
  10. H

    Max drive size on G3 iBook with mSata adapter

    I am in the process of refurbishing a 900MHz G3 iBook. Unfortunately (and expectedly) the hard drive is dead. My main use for the machine will be making lossless CD rips, so I'd ideally like to add a large 512GB drive using an IDE -> mSATA adapter. Due to the lack of ALAC/FLAC support under OS9...
  11. geareagame

    Need help with setting up 144hz External display

    Hi everyone, I just got a new MacBook Air M1 and I want to connect it with the following requirements.. - 2k-4k with FPS 75-144Hz IPS ultrawide external display (some hubs are limited to 30-60hz) - One charging port is always required for closing the screen while working (if connect the display...
  12. M

    Speeding up my 16TB HDD with Fusion Drive

    Hello everyone, I'm a media composer. I am using BigSur, my system is installed on 2TB m2 SSD. I want to speed up my 16 TB Exos Seagate sound library archive with another 1 TB m2 SSD via FusionDrive. So I will not install an operating system. Since "cs storage" is not working in BigSur...
  13. T

    HELP: SSD's “Used” space growing after each Erasing / Formatting & ejecting!

    I bought a brand new Samsung T7 SSD, and I used macOS's Disk Utility to format (erase) it in APFS(Encrypted), scheme: GUID Partition Map. Before erasing (brand new), "Used" space was 108,5 MB. After first erasing as APFS(Encrypted, scheme: GUID Partition Map), "Used" space was just 20 kb. Then I...
  14. K

    Having problem installing Catalina from USB

    I'm trying to install Catalina from USB on MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012). I have an issue. I don't see my SSD connected internally. However, it shows up when it was connected as an external USB drive. My hard disk drive crashed and like to restore the SSD from time machine back up. I was...
  15. M

    A1398 (Macbook Pro mid-2014 15") NVME SSD Upgrade - OSX Install Boot Loop Solution

    Hello! I bought a Crucial 1TB P2 NVME SSD to replace my stock 256gb storage, plugged it in using an adapter from eBay, and to my enormous frustration the SSD was recognised and formatable in recovery mode disk utility, but upon attempting to install Big Sur via bootable USB, the installer got...
  16. dawindmg08

    G-RAID with SSDs — should it be faster than this?

    Hi all, I've had an 8TB G-RAID Thunderbolt 3 drive for a couple years and I got tired of the noise and slow speeds with my Mac -- around 380 MB/s -- so I just swapped out the HDDs with two WD Blue 2.5" SSDs. I used the RAID configurator to format the array as RAID 0 and then initialized them...
  17. F

    2017 21.5" iMac HD clone to external SSD

    If anyone can confirm this course of action and answer the questions I'd greatly appreciate it. I would like to use an external SSD via USB-C as the main drive with OS and apps, and the original internal HD as storage. (iMac 2017 21.5" Big Sur) Course of action: 1. Using disk utility, clone...
  18. H

    MP 1,1-5,1 MP 5,1 (4,1) doesn't boot from PCIe NVME blade

    Greetings. I am on: 4,1 MP flashed to 5,1 Radeon RX 580 64 GB RAM 2x 3.33 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon Catalina (10.15.7) Boot ROM MP51.0089.B00 SATA SSD as boot disk 2x NVME M.2 blades via PCIe adapters on my two PCIe 4x lanes remaining after putting in the GPU (which covers my two 16x lanes) All...
  19. D

    Will a 1TB SSD with an attached heatsink from a Mac Pro Late 2013 fit inside a MacBook Pro (Late 2013 ~ Mid 2015)?

    Just as the title says: Will a 1TB SSD with an attached heatsink from a Mac Pro (Late 2013) fit inside a MacBook Pro (Late 2013 ~ Mid 2015)? The 1TB SSD model from the Mac Pro (Late 2013) does comes with an attached heatsink from factory which will add a couple of millimiters to the width of...
  20. T

    A few questions about upgrading storage on MBP Retina 2015 13"

    Hi all, it's prime day today and I saw a Crucial P2 1TB SSD on a huge sale, I was wondering, does the Crucial P2 1TB work with MBP 2015 13" on Big Sur , and does SSDPMEnabler support it? Thanks!