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  1. kahlil88

    2015 iMac crashes or hangs waking from sleep

    Trying to fix an iMac for a client. Computer is VERY slow to resume from sleep mode (blank screen for maybe a solid minute) or kernel panics and reboots. Customer also reported programs and files won't open. My initial suspicion was a buggy or incompatible SSD, but I've had no success with a...
  2. Alvin777

    Ways to Optimize Crucial MX500 for both macOS, Windows Boot Camp & PC?

    Hello Apple friends, any tips how to optimize the MX500 (500GB for the PC, 1TB for my Late 2015 5K iMac 2TB Fusion but only the hardisk is working. The 1TB will be run on a USB 3.0 external dock back up first then I'll open up the iMac later, I do have a 1TB NVME, so later it'll be 2TB total no...
  3. Alvin777

    Could an iMac in Target Disk Mode Also Be a Time Machine Backup?

    Hi I was wondering, so the old iMac a Late 2009 (it's still good to use and is amazing as an external monitor) is still used if this is possible (also save space, keep the stylish glass and aluminum desk tidy): partition it's storage to a few GBs for macOS, just to make it work as an external...
  4. B

    MP 1,1-5,1 Bootcamp Mac Pro 2012 with PCIe SSD (SATA 3)

    Hi there, I am the proud owner of a "new" Mac Pro 2012 (Mojave) after my graphics cards on my Mac Pro 2010 (Snow Leopard) gave up on me twice within 8 months. The new unit has dual Xeon processors X5690, a Radeon RX 570 with 8 GB RAM and runs from a Samsung Evo 850 m.2 SATA 3 SSD mounted in a...
  5. P

    iMac 24 M1 256GB: With so much written data (SSD), should I still buy this?

    With so much written data (SSD), should I still buy this? (iMac 24, 256GB, purchased in September 2021.) This amount of written data counts for a lot. I'm worried because the SSD is not replaceable Thanks
  6. Heliotropen

    Best cheap drive for storage?

    Hi, What would be the best external data drive - for archive / storage / backup - to be used with older macs (2013-2015) ? *My imac already boots from thunderbolt, think there is an additional thunderport in it (not certain). Does SSD lose data if it's not connected for a longer time? if so...
  7. Alvin777

    What's the Capacity of the SSD in 's 2TB Fusion Drive?

    Hello Apple & Mac friends. In a Late 2015 5K iMac's 2TB Fusion drive, what's the capacity of the SSD part? Is it 128GB or smaller (or bigger)? Thank you in advance. Have a blessed upcoming weekend.
  8. Alvin777

    macOS or Windows App That Can Detect if An SSD is a Fake & How Fast It Is?

    Hello Mac & Apple friends. Is there an app that can know, once you buy an SSD (SATA internal or M.2 NVME or AHCI). There are, sadly techniques that say a certain SSD has this much capacity but sometimes it's really just half or less. There are also straight fakes that use the name of say...
  9. Alvin777

    SSD Upgrade: Which is a Better Way To Run Windows 10/11 on the Mac?

    Hi Apple & Mac friends. Which is a better way to run Windows 10 or 11 off a Late 2015 5K iMac (model has Fusion Drive, Thunderbolt 2 only; the SSD and hardisk were deliberately separated, it's not "fused" anymore) which has a PCIe 3.0 x4 interface (I don't mind opening the iMac and buying that...
  10. Alvin777

    PC SSD Upgrade: PCIe x1 (w/ US$1.6 M.2 Adapter) or SATA II?

    Hello Apple & Mac friends (& Windows friends for just gaming; Macs for productivity & serious, less malware free, productivity work :-). I'd like to upgrade the a relatively old but still good for it's office needs (& and old 3D games like WoW or Everquest from more than a decade ago w/ a...
  11. D

    APFS or HFS+ for TimeMachine and Clone Backup HDDs?

    I am moving from Sierra to a new Mac with Monterey and this is my first contact with APFS. Currently, I am setting up an 18TB Western Digital HDD for TimeMachine and an 12TB WD HDD for clone backups (will be using either SupderDuper! or CarbonCopyCloner). Which file system should I choose...
  12. P

    Recommended Mac Fan Control Settings 2011 Imac with SSD ??

    Hey, I have an iMac (27-inch, Mid 2011) running High Sierra. The shop I got it from upgraded the storage to a 1 TB Solid State SATA Drive and installed Mac Fan Control on it. When they gave it back to me it had these settings - ODD - Constant 3800 HDD - Sensor CT1000BX500SSD1 (start at 42...
  13. Y

    MBP 14'' 16GB or 32GB RAM?

    Hi! I am new to mac. o_O Background: I am currently a undergraduate in Computer Science major, having an old laptop with Ubuntu and Windows dual system installed. I mainly use Linux Ubuntu (for fun and coding XD) and rarely use Windows (dual system in my laptop) for game or Office365...
  14. Alvin777

    What's a the Latest Cost-Effective, Robust But Good SSD Drive for Simple Office Use?

    Hello Mac and Windows friends, What's the latest (2022 model?), cost-effective most robust/durable (long or has the longest warranty?) but good/decent SSD drive for simple office use to upgrade to from the current hardrive (browsing with lots of tabs, puzzle games after work, productivity...
  15. Heliotropen

    is there any SSD difference in 2014 rmbp and rmbp 2015?

    Hi all ... Can anyone explain to me the difference between the SSD in the 2014 mid rmbp and early 2015 early rmbp? *both 13" I assume the bus is faster in the 2015, but: 1. Can you swap the drive between them? 2. Is the "connector" the same? or does it take an adapter? 3. Do they use the...
  16. WilliApple

    Could Apple get sued for SSDgate?

    You may already know that Apple uses 1 single NAN chip in their M2 MacBooks. However, this comes at a huge cost in performance. The 256 GB SSD model on the M2 performs WORSE than the M1 models. That is what SSDgate is. Apple also makes the claim that the M2 MacBooks are faster, but they give...
  17. K

    Power consumption of a 1TB vs a 2TB SSD on a M1 MacBook Pro

    I've seen speed comparisons, but has anyone documented any differences between the power consumption of a 1TB vs a 2TB SSD on a M1 MacBook Pro (14" 10/24 processor)? Similarly, is there power consumption data for 32GB vs 64GB RAM?
  18. D

    Resolved RAM Usage, Swap Files, SSD Degradation...

    There have been a lot of posts on the above subject scattered throughout the Apple Silicon, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro fora and so I decided to delve deeper into the close to 9-year-old 512GB SSD of my heavily used MacBook Pro that has 16GB RAM. So far I have established that at a typical time...
  19. D


  20. A

    NEW MacBook Air M1 buyers ,do you also suffer from slow SSD ?

    My question only applies to those who bought mba m1 base 256gb model in the last 2/3 months Would you please report what ssd speeds read/write run at ? Is it 1500/1700 like the mba m2 or 2800/3000 like the mba m1 at launch Thank you