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Original poster
Sep 26, 2021
We were gifted 2 AirTags last year, which we have no real use for.
I got myself Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO headphones and was thinking of putting one AirTag into one of the cups, as I use them as my only headphones and am also not fond of leaving them somewhere behind.
Dies anyone have experience in modding DT770P‘s? I’m not sure if there’s be enough space in any cup, I can’t find schematics for them in the web and only few tear downs, that don’t clearly show how much empty room there might be in them.
Any thoughts or suggestions?
Surely I’d share my process here, if it proves possible at all.


macrumors 601
May 27, 2008
there might be "empty room" but it's not just empty space.

to make sound, you need to move air, if you change the volume or flow of air, you can impact the sound. Very smart people with expensive degrees have paid attention to every millimeter of space inside the cans, adding something as large as an AirTag will almost definitely affect the sound if they are placed anywhere that might block or displace air.
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