1. D

    iPad Iphone vs ipad sound quality

    Hello i registered in the hope some audiophile freak may help me. i have a normal ipad of the newer generation, an iphone 11 and a galaxy s9+ I hear a really big difference in terms of sound quality when using the ipad compared to the iphone. The ipad just sound so much better with an external...
  2. B

    iPad Pro iPad Pro battery drains quickly with headphones plugged in

    I recently bought an 11" iPad Pro. I'm using the USB-C to 3.5mm headphone adapter and keep Apple iPhone wired headphones plugged in. After I close the cover the screen shuts off but my battery drains quickly - about 20% every 24 hours. Is anyone else experiencing this? Feels like a bug. When I...
  3. Lone Deranger

    Powerbeats Pro vs. over the ear headphones. Which leaks more sound?

    Hi everyone, I'm working in a rather quiet office and have to be aware of sound leaking from my headphones into the room. I don't want to annoy my colleagues with whatever it is I am listening to, so I've been wondering what would be the better option for me. A pair of in-the-ear Powerbeats...
  4. J

    Powerbeats Pro - In Store Colors?

    I know that the buds will only be sold in black today / at release, but... will stores have other colors on display, and/or available to be worn? This goes out to those who’ve been to an Apple Store today, or otherwise checked... I’m near Apple’s SF Union Square Store btw
  5. kotsoum

    Universal Earbuds & Headphones Finder

    Earbuds & Headphones Finder The most advanced & efficient Earbuds & Headphones Finder app is available on the AppStore! Using one of the most advanced BLE scanning engine, this headphone scanner app will help you find all of your lost bluetooth devices. Find your lost AirPods, earbuds...
  6. J

    Earphone problem with headphone jacks

    Hello Folks, I have an issue with my earphones where i fed up with those earphones. So, I want to buy a new Bluetooth headphones sport waterproof under $50. Can you suggest me the best headphones for iPhone X? Thanks & Regards JonhRobet
  7. K

    Macbook Air, iPhone 8Plus, and Sony WH1000xM3

    Hello everyone! I am new to the forum and was wondering if you could help me out. I was recently gifted a pair of Sony WH1000xM3. I would like to pair it with my iPhone 8Plus and my Macbook Air (2017, running OS 10.14.3). I've looked through the Sony guides and forums and it says that these...
  8. J

    Looking for Wireless Earbuds - Convenience and Battery Life

    I’m looking for a pair of earbuds / headphones to be my daily drivers, so to speak. Yes, I have an iPhone. Also an Apple Watch Series 4 What I already have: AudioTechnica M50x’s, mostly for around the house. I’d mostly be using a new set while out-and-about and am happy to sacrifice a bit of...
  9. S

    Audiophiles - Post Your At-Home & Portable Setups and Music Collection

    Disclaimer: (I am a complete audiophile novice, please don't take offense) I used to be an avid collector of live concerts, mainly sound board recordings/bootlegs of bands such as Pearl Jam, Audioslave and the like. I kept all files as .FLAC on my computer and the originals on CDs. At some...
  10. CMelton

    iPhone Help! iOS notifications coming out of headphones and speaker

    Hi All Hopefully the title explains it all. When I have headphones connected to my iPhone via cable with lightning adapter notification sounds for email, messages, phone calls etc. Play out of the phone speaker and the headphones at the same time. I think I must have messed up a setting...
  11. Gmworswick

    Low volume via headphones

    Hey all, I’m experiencing low volume across all apps via my headphones only, my profile is on silent all the time and the attached image is what I get when I switch profiles but I’m unable to increase the headphones volume, please help Thanks
  12. M

    Headphones for watching movies

    Hello From next week I will occasionally have to watch movies/shows using headphones instead of using my sound system. My content sources are ATV and PS4 for Blurays. It goes without saying that I need Bluetooth headphones. Unfortunately most of the articles and recommendation guides I have...
  13. M

    Are there more than 3 headphones with a W1 chip on the entire plant?

    I've got the AirPods and I love how convenient they are to pair. I'd like another set of over the ear headphones but don't want Beats. Am I out of options?
  14. S

    Stop iTunes from Automatically Launching/Playing when BT Headphones Connected?

    I have a pair of Bluetooth headphones that trigger an unbelievably annoying behavior on my Mac. When they are connected to the computer, they automatically launch iTunes and begin playing files. I've searched and found old patches but they don't appear to work on newer versions of Mac OS. Does...
  15. jazz109

    iPhone 7(+) Headphones plugged in but speakers are still playing sound / Mic not working

    Earlier today I was using my iPhone 7 and listening to music with my Apple headphones without any problems. Nothing happened and as I plugged in the headphones in the lightning jack again, no sound was coming out of the headphones anymore. Although speakers on the iPhone were working. I turned...
  16. S

    Internal Speakers not listed as Output Device?

    How are you guys doing? I have 2017 5k iMac and I switch between headphones and the internal speakers a lot but I always did this plugging in or unplugging the headphones. Then I remembered you can simply switch the output device in the System Preferences for Sound. Unfortunately when I have...
  17. M

    Connecting Bluetooth headphones and battery usage?

    Hello, I am just about to buy my first wireless headphones (RHA AM650) replacing wired Sennheiser Momentum in-ears and I have a few questions. Firstly, as these aren't Beats or AirPods, will the pricing and overall use be smooth or a bit tricky? Secondly, is there a way in iOS11 to see the...
  18. B

    iPhone 8(+) iPhone 8 Plus lightning headphone adapter unreliable

    The lightning port on my iPhone 8 Plus is unreliable when using headphones with the lightning-to-headphone adapter. When I'm listening to audio (music, movies, podcasts) using headphones, the lightning connection is easily broken such that the music will pause as if the adapter was pulled out...
  19. G

    iPhone X not reading text messages with headphones

    Recently purchased iPhone 10 and it isn’t reading my text messages while I have headphones on unless I take it out of my pocket and look at it to unlock. Is anyone else having this issue? Is it an easy fix? I’d like for Siri to read my messages while my phone is in my pocket and not having to...
  20. T

    Love my X, but ready to return it over the lightning adapter audio quality.

    I upgraded from a 5S, so almost everything about the X is a huge upgrade... except one major downgrade, and that's audio quality using the lightning adapter with my headphones. I'm currently using a pair of Audio-Technica MSR7NC headphones, but with the adapter music sounds less dynamic with a...