Adding iPhone individual plan to FamilyTalk plan (AT&T)?

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    Mar 31, 2010
    I know I could ask over at the AT&T forums, but I find them unhelpful. I love the MacRumors Forums users and how helpful people are, specifically because people speak from experience.

    Does anyone here have an AT&T FamilyTalk plan to which they've added (or merged depending on how you look at it) an iPhone on an individual AT&T plan?

    If so, does the subscriber of the individual plan have to sign on for any additional time? In this case I want to add my girlfriend to my FamilyTalk plan. Does AT&T strictly verify that FamilyTalk plan members are family? And if she joins, would she lose her grandfathered unlimited data plan? Instead of her paying roughly eighty dollars a month on her individual plan, she'd be cut down to forty dollars a month if she joined my FamilyTalk plan. If it matters, she's still under contract, as are a few of the lines on my FamilyTalk plan.

    So, in short, can she join, what happens to the FamilyTalk plan contract period, would she keep her unlimited data, and if she wanted off could I take her off without penalty to myself or her? Thanks!
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    Jul 6, 2009
    Have you tried calling AT&T to see what they say? Their answer will be the best.

    Good luck.

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