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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by ajohansson, Dec 10, 2015.

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    I bought an 5th gen AEBS, reconfiguring home office loft area. Want to make a print station on an old desk. Its on an opposite wall and dont want wires everywhere. The idea is to "join" the AEBS to the network and put it in "bridge" mode to run the printers as a print server. I never get to join the network it forces me to extend the network. I go to advance and click on join but then it makes me extend. If I do that and go to wireless off and bridge mode it wont work anymore. I have done this with an Airport Express to run as an airplay client for my sonos but for some reason I cant do it with this AEBS. I am trying rifle through goolge to remind me how i did it for the sonos because I remember there being a certain way to do it. My entire system is AEBS so there are no provider routers to do with. Any help appreciated.

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    Well i dont think my plan will work. .I think I just bought a spare AEBS as "join network" is not an option for AEBS. I called apple and a guy said it should be an option but I read another thread saying it cant be done with an AEBS and that it can only be done with a Airport express. Seems totally odd that the Extreme would not do something the express can do. I have two non network printers so I would need to expresses. If anyone knows a way to make a AEBS "join a network" please let me know. Thinking maybe I get an AE put it in client mode to join network and then plug my AEBS into it. Curious if the printers would show up on the network or not

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    Well talked to a person at apple care who was in the know. Apple removed the option "join network" from the airport extremes a couple firmwares ago. So lame i cant see why they would remove that feature. I was able to put an express in client mode and then hook an AEBS into it via ethernet and extend that network and turn off the wireless. Shame you need two devices to do what one used to do. Im gonna send feed back.
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    To my knowledge, Apple never supported joining a network as a client with the Extremes.

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