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Jan 25, 2023
I haven't bought a new laptop or really paid attention to the prices for years. I'd like to get an M1 Macbook Pro since I don't really need the extra performance of the M2. I'm wondering if prices for Apple's refurbished M1 Macbook Pros, or even new ones from Apple or other stores, are as good as they're going to get. Or is it better to wait for prices to go down further?


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The longer you wait, the lower they might go. But then you're doing without a "new" laptop for that much longer to maybe save $100-$200 or so.

Best general advice is buy when you need one. Like just about all tangible things, it is almost guaranteed to lose value no matter when you buy, so you can never really buy at the bottom.

If you want to save some money, refurb store is one good option. If you want new, education store and/or select third parties sometimes have sales.

The next big price drop potential would be as soon as October when- MAYBE- M3 MBpros MIGHT be announced. That doesn't seem super likely given that M2s just hit but it is not unprecedented for Apple. If you want to wait that long, you might get a more meaningful bit of savings though you would be buying technology now 2 generations behind.

One more consideration: there are rumors of a 15" MB Air with some believing that could show as soon as the rumored spring event (March), WWDC (June) or also this Fall. Presumably, it would contain same generation of M-series chips... presumably M2 and maybe M2 PRO if soon. Since Air is usually priced lower than Pro, most believe the price of it would be south of $((14" PRO + 16" PRO) divided by 2). If less power than MBpro could be enough for your needs, that might be a "buy new" option with some discount off of equivalent MBpro.

And if you have more patience, 3-6 months later, those likely start showing in the refurb store for 10%-15% off.
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Nov 4, 2009
London, UK
In the UK Apple reduced their refurbed MBP M1's to £1469 however, they are out of stock now. Amazon are selling them new for £1669 and Costco £1529. Depends on where you are?


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Oct 2, 2008
There are some solid deals to be had now, but there's always the chance the longer you wait the more chance of a discount, but nothing is guaranteed and depends how soon you need to get a new laptop. And if you wait too long you could miss out all together. Best buy doesn't have much of a discount at all right now for the M1s, so maybe that's one to watch. But I just saw Amazon has a very good deal on a 16" M1 Pro ($500 off). Good luck on the search!


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Jul 11, 2008
I'm wondering if prices for Apple's refurbished M1 Macbook Pros, or even new ones from Apple or other stores, are as good as they're going to get

If you're going through Apple Refurbished Store then yes, they are as low as they are going to be for a while (probably until the next generation). They dropped them by about 10% to the current prices last week. when they announced the new ones.

Amazon and Best Buy were running the base 14" M1 Pro for $1599 all through the holidays. I could see them dropping to that price again if you are set on something new.


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Jun 17, 2012
forget refurbished, buy new at Costco, Best Buy or Micro Center. All have the base M1 14" on sale for $1599 RIGHT NOW and brand spanking new! Go git you one!!
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