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Apr 13, 2009
This may seem super pointless but I’m just curious as this is an Apple product with high standards..

I got the new AirPods and I noticed that on the metal hinge on the back, there’s like a 0.5 mm gap between the actual hinge and the metal piece that holds the hinge. This means that I can basically slide the lid left and right ever so slightly, which creates a small clicking sound. I would have expected the lid to be 100% firm and not being able to slide sideways at all.

I’m just curious; are all AirPods cases like this? Or is your lid sitting 100% tight?


May 26, 2010
I got the same 0.5 mm gap and I can make the same clicking noise. The lid needs a small gap to open and close smoothly.

Maybe a pointless question, but we need to discuss these things when Apple talks about "High Standards".
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Oct 17, 2011
So it sounds like many people experience this but one guy was able to have his replaced with a pair that didn't have the issue
Not sure about many, but it seems like some.


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Aug 17, 2011
Montreal, Quebec Canada
My Airpods 2 wireless charging case isn't misaligned or have "gap between the actual hinge and the metal piece that holds the hinge" from what I've observed but the lid does click whenever I slide it side-to-side (to the left and right). This sounds is audible whether the lid is opened or closed.

So far, I've read several forum posts here and on Reddit about the gen 1 cases and more recently the gen 2 cases exhibiting the same clicking sound when the case is move side-to-side.

It's a little annoying and unApple like but from all what I've read, it seems normal.

I've read only one instant for each generation of cases where the lid didn't click but those might be the ones with issues lol
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