Airport Express firmware update - howto?

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    As a matter of accident I saw the light on my AirportExpress blinking orange, the network is working fine, opened Airport Utility and found out there is a firmware update available but when I click on it nothing happens, it doesn't allow me to update it, how can I work around it?

    I don't mind the update, it works as it is, the blinking light bothers me :)

    Thank you

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    If you're unable to download it, I'd suggest a full reboot of your network (power down the cable modem and Airport, allow the cable modem to turn on and run for about 5 minutes before powering back on the Airport) and trying again. That usually works for me.

    If not success....electrical tape ought to take care of the issue.
  3. bingeciren, Feb 3, 2017
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    You are joking right?

    @Giuanniello as far as I know, a FW update doesn't give a blinking yellow warning. I suspect there is yet another more serious problem there which is probably why you are not able to update the FW. Usually a configuration error, double NAT or something of that nature causes the blinking yellow. I also know that a password change causing Back To My Mac not functioning also gives a yellow blinking warning.

    Some problems like the Double NAT is not a serious problem and for problems of that nature there is an option in the Airport Utility to "ignore" specific errors which stops the blinking yellow.

    A FW update is usually visible only from the Airport Utility with a red dot right next to the device in question, not through a blinking yellow.

    I suggest you to examine your Airport device with the Airport Utility and find out exactly what the problem is. Usually errors are visible once you click edit that device. The Airport Utility also gives suggestions as to how to correct the problem but that's not always helpful.

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