firmware update

  1. flaubert

    Can't access Recovery after 5,1 upgraded to 10.14.5

    So, this is weird... my 2010 cMP 5,1 was running fine on 10.14.4 and firmware until last night. Last night I finally undertook the firmware update process to and the install of the full 10.14.5, no problems. At the conclusion of it all, I booted my Mac up normally and...
  2. C

    Resolved Mac Pro 1,1 Firmware upgrade issues

    Hello, I recently acquired an old Mac Pro 1,1 and have been trying to update it to version 2,1 in order to facilitate better processors, but after trying nearly everything I can think of I am still unable to perform the update. As I have done so much it will be neater if I post it in bullets...
  3. fhturner

    Quick advice: Stuck in middle of firmware update

    Could use some advice here. While I had an RX 580 handy, I thought I'd throw it in a couple of aux/utility Mac Pros and bring their firmware up to On the first one, a 12-core 2.66GHz MP4,1>5,1, I observed the first attempt caused the Mojave installer to hang w/ beachball after...
  4. M

    MacPro 5,1 mid 2010 High Sierra Firmware Upgrade

    Hi, I want to run a dual boot with my old setup running Mountain Lion 10.85 and a new setup with High Sierra. I see I must update the firmware on my mid-2010 MacPro to get High Sierra to work. If I perform this firmware update and install High Sierra on a second drive will my...
  5. ATB3800

    Another Mac Pro1,1 upgrade

    So I updated my 2006 MP to dual X5355s. In the about this Mac program the system reports 2x 2.66ghz unknown as the processor. It does recognize that there are 8 cores. I’ve tried using the firmware update tool to install 2,1 firmware but haven’t had much luck. From what I’ve read I have to...
  6. RAMtheSSD

    High Sierra Firmware Update

    Does anyone have any experience with the firmware update that the High Sierra GM requires for cMPs? Anyone had anything go wrong? Problems with 4,1 -->5,1 bootrom after the firmware update?
  7. Giuanniello

    Airport Express firmware update - howto?

    As a matter of accident I saw the light on my AirportExpress blinking orange, the network is working fine, opened Airport Utility and found out there is a firmware update available but when I click on it nothing happens, it doesn't allow me to update it, how can I work around it? I don't mind...
  8. fhturner

    Mac Pro 4,1 won't wake from sleep...backplane?

    I've got a Mac Pro 2009/4,1 that I'm building up that won't successfully come out of sleep mode. It goes to sleep fine and the light pulses; when you try any method to wake it, everything clicks back on, fans spin up, but no video displays, and it no longer is reachable on the network by ping or...