Alien: Covenant discussion (with spoilers so be aware)

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    Stop reading if you don't want to have the movie spoiled....

    Last chance.....

    Just finished watching Alien: Covenant and interested to hear your thoughts. I will say that I liked it and I think if you're into Alien folklore, you'll enjoy the movie too because it'll provide some answers as to where the Xenomorph came from. Allow me first to say that I knew David was behind creating the the "perfect organism." I knew that Elisabeth Shaw was going to be used as an experimental host. I thought though that she would end up birthing the queen alien.

    So here's how I see the Alien series being laid out. Prometheus is part one. Alien: Covenant is part 3. Alien is part 5 and Aliens is part 6. All the rest, we don't really care about. Ridley Scott has already said that he will produce probably 2 more with the next one to be called Alien: Awakening. So the reason why I think Alien:Covenant is part 3 is because we still don't have the answer of why the Engineers created the humans and why they wanted to kill the humans. I think Alien:Awakening will explain this more and will explore what happened with David and E Shaw while on their flight and how he came to kill her and experiment on her and how David came to drop the black goo on the Engineers home planet and kill them.

    From there, Ridley Scott will need to create another Alien movie to fill in after Covenant and 1979 Alien. After all, we first see the Alien on LV-426 but the question will still to be answered of how it got there. Since David created the Xenomorph (or the closest Alien form to the Xenomorph), the question has to be answered to explain how it still gets there. This is what I think. The real Walter that was damaged in battle with David ends up repairing himself and wakes up with nobody there since everybody left and ended up back on the Covenant ship. Walter decides that with his duty to help, he somehow manages to fix and navigate the Engineer spacecraft on the planet that David and E Shaw crashed landed on the planet with. He then sets a course to the new planet that was supposed to be colonized and when he arrives, he sees that David has been experimenting on the embryos and humans in cryosleep. Walter manages to wake the remaining humans and a battle begins between Walter/humans against David/Xenomorphs. Also, by this time, David has had time to perfect the Alien to be the version that we know it from 1979 Alien. So the battles begins and it ends up that David leaves the planet maybe headed back to earth to release his creation to destroy mankind and Walter doesn't want that to happen and they basically battle it out on the ship. This causes the ship to crashland on what we know as LV-426 and the rest is history.

    That's my take. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the movie and the potential future plot points.
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    I like Alien: Covenant for the most part with one or two things I didn't care for. I think they killed off Shaw too easy. they could have taken her character further. I almost started thinking of her as the new Ripley especially for all the hell she'd gone thru in Prometheus, I just think she could have gotten more respect from the writers in how they go to where they did with her. I just think she could have played more into the franchise a bit longer. Just my option though.

    I do not think that was the Engineers home planet. A race that advanced couldn't have just been all amongst a few large buildings on that one planet. Plus, if that was the home planet, why weren't there more ships that David could have left after killing them all. If that was the home planet I'd think there would have been a huge base somewhere where more of their ships were stored in. I'm sure there are more Engineers on other world's or at least settled on moons experiment with their black goo and other bio weapons of mass destruction. I'm sure there will be a moment in the franchise where there is dialog with Engineers to find out why they created humans and why they then decided to destroy them.
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    I'm hoping the fact, that in its debut, it could barely beat GoG in its third week, spells the end of this rehashed crap.

    You can't spoil this movie, Ridley beat you to it. The last plot twist was tired when they used it on Star Trek, FIFTY years ago!

    Don't kiss the android, don't play flutes with the android, don't look at what the android tells you to look at, just shoot the frickin' Android! You can take him to the Weyland Robotics Service Center for repair or scrapping later.

    If they let Ridley make another one, I'm keeping my $18, or spending it on a repeat viewing of something worthwhile, like GoG. After Prometheus, and its plot holes big enough to drive the Nostromo through, I should have known better.

    And yes, they killed off Shaw too easily, smacked of Alien 3's lazy story-telling. More extraordinary was how Shaw patched David back together, last I saw, all she has was a head in a bag, looking like she was going bowling.

    When you see a movie set more than eighty-five years in the future, and one of the main protagonists is a hayseed in a straw hat named "Tennessee" who gushes over John Denver... well, you've been warned.

    "Game's over man, Game's... over!"
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    Dec 31, 2004
    "No escape from Reality..."
    I didn't know but you can watch the "Alien Convent: Prologue"(s) online at youtube explaining some stuff

    "The Crossing" (explains stuff with David and Elizabeth)
    "Meet Walter" (assembly of Walter)
    "The Last Supper" (Covenant Crew before going into hibernation)

    I should've watched these and Prometheus before watching the movie.

    btw - I "kinda" liked Alien: Covenant. The whole explanation of stuff with David at the end in that fortress/city, for me, is where the movie turned sorta "creepy"...

    I knew what the ending on Covenant was going to be anyways since I've seen sooooo many Sci-Fi flix..... :eek:

    Okay afa continuing the saga...
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    No sorry it was rubbish:
    1. Explore new planet in causal wear
    2. Wander off for a shower when bad things are happening
    3. Take a star ship with 1000s of people on board into a planets atmosphere cause you haven't heard from your wife - wtf
    4. Alien erupts from host and then is 8 foot tall An hour later

    Crazy story line - still more holes then answers and really ignoring past alien lore - pretty sad
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    Dec 31, 2004
    "No escape from Reality..."
    and this is different from all other "horror" movies how?


    There's always the reboot of "Baywatch" and "The Mummy"... :eek:
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    Pulled from the Movie Thread:

    Alien Covenant Spoiler below
    I have not seen it yet, will be waiting to stream it. Did David learn how to duplicate the creation of Xenomorphs?
  8. gkarris macrumors 604


    Dec 31, 2004
    "No escape from Reality..."
    Yes, and he is "perfecting them" - hence the whole premise of the movie...

    (That whole thing where they started sharing the story with David and the Xenomorphs and the flutes is where I lost interest - just want to see people fighting the Alien... ;) )
  9. Huntn macrumors P6


    May 5, 2008
    The Misty Mountains
    Ok, so the engineers were mad at us and decided to start over on Earth (Prometheus). Now David is creating them to what end, sick them back on the Engineers, surprise. ;) No need to tell me. I'll stream this when it comes available.
  10. Gav2k macrumors G3


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    Did I miss the bit in Prometheus about the engineers wanting to distroy earth?
  11. Railiza, Sep 30, 2018
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    Apparently the engineers were intending on piloting their ship full of noxious biological entities towards the Earth. As I remember Elizabeth Shaw figured this out by looking at the star map.
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    I'm not a fan of this movie because I felt the potential of the Prometheus story was squandered. I guess I just didn't like where it went. :)
  13. AlliFlowers Contributor


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    I disliked Prometheus. I found no redeeming qualities whatsoever in it.

    Covenant, OTOH, told a great story that you could understand easily. Yea there were still holes, and there were some purely stupid moments, as pointed out by @MalooNZ.

    But I liked it.
  14. Mac'nCheese Suspended


    Feb 9, 2010
    I didn't like it for a lot of reasons. The main one being, there is no tension for the viewer. We know what is going to happen to yet another crew landing on another creepy planet. Just get to the real scares already and when it does, it's over too quick. Who cares about another evil android or another crew member who shouldn't be looking into a big creepy egg. That's why I love Aliens. Yes, it took its time getting started but the characters and story were enjoyable and when the action and scares start, its a long, wild ride.
  15. ActionableMango macrumors G3


    Sep 21, 2010
    A few characters in the movie seem to think so, but personally I think it is open to interpretation.
    1. Captain Janek interprets what he sees through the cameras as weapons of mass destruction, as if the facility is basically a military installation for world destroying.
    2. David opens up the Engineer star map and finds Earth very easily, thus the audience interprets this as "Earth was a target or maybe even the very next target".
    So an assumption is made that Earth is going to be destroyed by the Engineer ship taking off. Therefore Janek sacrifices the ship, himself, and the remaining crew in order to ram the engineer's ship to stop the attack. Janek is a likable character (maybe the only likable character) and this is a heroic act, so the audience wants him to be right.

    However, personally I think these are huge stretches of logic and I have several issues with that interpretation.

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