All review units have been 1TB models


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Nov 19, 2015
What apps right now would be taking advantage of that 6GB?
We are going to have to wait and see once comparisons are made between the 4GB and the 6GB.

That’s the whole point.

Apple have given the top spec (6GB) to the early reviewers so that they can experience the power difference (if any) and praise this performance in their reviews.

And by Apple not explicitly stating that there is 6GB ram in the 1TB version, reviewers and viewers get the impression that all new iPad Pros have the same power/performance.
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Sep 18, 2014
I purchased the 512g version, and when I heard about the 1tb model having 6g of RAM, I was initially concerned.

My main (and basically ONLY use) of the iPP is for art. "Real" Photoshop is a huge get for me (and other artists) once Adobe releases it next year. The extra RAM on the 1tb model may come in handy...BUT, up until the keynote last week, Adobe had been previewing Photoshop for the iPad on the second gen iPP, which only has 4g of RAM, and it looks like it's running nice and smooth with no hickups (on a slower processor, even!)

My wife was at an Adobe conference today, and they again showed off Photoshop on the 2nd gen iPP, and she said it looked awesome.

The file they previewed at the keynote last week was stupid big (I believe she said it was over 9 feet tall, 150+ layers). Those file sizes (and amount of layers!) are for a select few artists. Most of my files range from 5 layers to 20 and I work with much smaller sized art (comics and prints)

Part of me wants to take my new iPP to Apple tomorrow and trade it for the 1tb version, but I'm fairly certain that for most artists, the 4g of RAM on the "lower tier" models will suit them (and me) just fine.
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Oct 8, 2015
We are probably at least one year out before apps start taking advantage of the iPad power (adobe PS Being one of the first). I doubt the first version of these apps will necessarily need the 6gigs of ram. clearly adobe is able to demo impressive PS images with the current 4 gb models and I expect this will work for majority of the work we will use it for.

Also keep in mind apple seems to upgrade iPad pros approximately every 18 months. Surely the next version of this IPP model will have 6gigs of ram across the board— that’s just way apple does things. Hate it or accept cuz that’s the way it’s always been.

But I 100% believe 4 gigs will be enough.
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Apr 16, 2011
The extra 2gb is to manage the large 1tb of storage and that is all. Speed test have already proven that the IPP with 1TB with 6gb of ram is actually slightly slower than the IPP 512gb with 4gb of ram. There is a video of these test on YouTube. You are not getting any usable performance gains by getting the 1TB model other than massive storage. This should free your mind up and buy the tablet with the amount of memory you really need. For me 512gb gives me a future bump up of everything I typically store but in 4K. 256gb would get the job done now.

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