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Apr 12, 2001

Rumors suggest that the high-end over-ear Apple-branded headphones that Apple has had in the works for some time are set to launch before the end of 2020, and today, an image of the "AirPods Studio" as they might be called surfaced on Twitter.


Shared by Fudge, a leaker that has provided accurate details on Apple's plans in the past, the image features black headphones with large oblong ear cups and gray fabric padding at the top of the headband, which Fudge says is HomePod mesh. There's also a separate video of a white version.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman previously said that Apple is working on two versions of the AirPods Studio, one that's a higher-end premium version and one that's fitness-focused and made from lighter weight materials, and Fudge suggests this is the lighter "sport" variant.

Gurman at the time described headphones with a retro-like look with ear cups that swivel along with a headband connected with thin metal arms, which does appear to describe the headphones in the image.

The AirPods Studio are expected to have swappable ear pads and headband padding that will attach to the frame magnetically, allowing users to swap in different colors and variants for customization purposes.

Along with these design features, the AirPods Studio are expected to feature Active Noise Cancellation, head and neck detection, orientation detection, and more, with details available in our roundup.

There's no word yet on when the AirPods Studio might launch, but with iPhones set to come out in October, Apple could unveil the AirPods Studio alongside new iPhone models.

Article Link: Alleged AirPods Studio Depicted in Leaked Image and Video Clip


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Jan 13, 2017
If that really is what the headphones look like, then they look like ****! I hope that's just a prototype, and the finished product has a lot better curb appeal than that! The beats headphones look better!
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Sep 15, 2020
in the pic they resemble older bowers&wilkins ones. which would be nice. but hard to tell.
B&W headphones to me are the best. I bought my P7's from the Apple store a few years back and they still look 100% brand new today. Best build quality amongst many other competing platforms and the sound of course is among the best. Sadly popular name brands of less quality tend to sell better simply because their name is in the media more often, and I'm not talking just about Apple or Beats.
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