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Apr 12, 2001

Ahead of the launch of the Echo Show this Wednesday, June 28, Amazon has given review units to a few sites so that they can test out the new Echo and see how its 7-inch touch screen adds to the traditional Amazon Echo experience. Amazon revealed the $230 Echo Show earlier in May and bills it as having all of the features of the traditional Echo, with the addition of a display to enhance user interactivity.

According to The Verge, one of the best aspects of Echo Show is that, "you basically never need to tap the screen for anything, unless you really want to." Instead of adding an array of touchscreen-required actions that overcomplicate the interface, the company focused on adapting the abilities of the previous Echo models to work with a touchscreen.

While there were some moments when the touchscreen's "secondary importance" caused UI annoyances, the site largely admired Amazon's decision to keep the voice control focus of the Echo line with Echo Show.
Are there things I don't love about the Echo Show? Of course. I think it's pretty homely and I think that the sound quality could be better for the price. But the improvements over the original Echo are big enough that it's my favorite smart speaker right now.

From nearly any other company, adding a screen would have resulted in feature-itis of the worst kind. By holding back, the Echo Show feels like it does more. Its strength is in its simplicity.
In its review, TechCrunch described Echo Show's video calling feature as the "killer app" for many users, allowing calls between two Echo Show devices, or between an Echo Show and the Alexa smartphone app. After entering a phone number, the Echo Show displays a list of other Echo owners from your own personal contact list, and from there you can directly call their Echo.


The site noted that the screen is far too small for long movie sessions (currently only supporting video from Amazon Prime), and described its resolution as "middling," but in video calls the Echo Show's 7-inch touchscreen makes the most sense. Still, both TechCrunch and The Verge did find Echo Show's "Drop In" feature slightly intrusive, as it lets selected friends and family pop into your Echo Show and see your home whenever they feel like it, but it's not activated by default.
It's a lot easier to use than Skype (though, to be fair, most things in this life are), but it's currently limited to Show users, which means Amazon is going to sell a lot of these to family members looking for a simple way to keep in touch. There's also an odd Drop-In option, which takes the whole picking-up-the-phone bit out of the equation, so select friends and family can communicate directly with little warning. I suppose there's some value for users looking to periodically check in on loved ones, but the whole thing is too intrusive for my tastes.
Wired also referenced worry about Echo Show's always-watching camera, but ultimately sees potential in the device's future, particularly once Amazon begins adding in more "skills" for the Echo Show. The site continued an opinion shared in multiple reviews posted today, which is that the Echo Show's speaker is better than that of the original Echo's, but "it's no Sonos."
Still, I find the Show's potential fascinating. The Alexa ecosystem has grown big enough that I suspect Netflix and Hulu will soon make video skills, most smart-home manufacturers will support the new device, and games and apps will pop up all over the place. Alexa's voice recognition works well enough to make all of this work, and developers can access the camera, the screen, the microphone, and the speaker. The Echo Show is basically an always-on, plugged-in smartphone, which could become hugely powerful.
Amazon's Echo Show is the latest in the company's line of smart speaker systems, following the Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Look. Apple is gearing up to finally enter the same market, with an announcement at WWDC this year for the "HomePod." Apple said that its speaker is more focused on high-quality music playback than its smart speaker rivals, while also offering Siri-based AI features.

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Article Link: Amazon Echo Show Reviews: Privacy Concerns, Sound Improvements, and Video Calling as Killer App
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Mar 18, 2014
The Drop-In feature is because they understand that the Echo and probably the Echo Show are big hits for children of elderly parents. Older people who aren't keen on technology love the Echo and I'm sure the idea of video calling that doesn't involve a whole "operating system" and apps and updates and accounts and is sandboxed in to prevent any settings from getting weird... that's amazing for that audience.

And that's exactly the person you'd want to have the option of checking-in on.

Props to Amazon for understanding that and not trying to fixated on making the "cool young people device" to the exclusion of all other use cases.


Jul 12, 2016
I can appreciate the large user interface on the Echo Show, but this thing is not aesthetically pleasing. I can see how having a display would be an advantage for some, but since I'm waiting for the HomePod this December, I personally think being hands-free without a display makes more sense as it stands currently in my Position.

That said, I do like to feature where you can essentially FaceTime someone else from one device to another with the Echo Show. I think that would be convenient through communication on a smart speaker.


Jun 26, 2017
And with this, there was a collective sigh of relief from governments all around the world. "Thank god we now have a device that can film and record audio, 24/7 in people's homes. And they are not only not being forced to use it, they're actually paying money for it".
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Jun 12, 2012
based on the comments above me, I guess I am the only person excited about this. I already have a house full of Echo's. I will use this for youtube video's and the ring doorbell. Sounds like the speaker is much better than the stock on the original Echo. The wife will use it for cooking (cannot tell you how many times I see her struggling with the phone in the kitchen). It is a welcomed update. The $100 off when you buy two is a nice offer.


Sep 19, 2013
I'm going to wait for the home pod to come out (and for the inevitable sale) before deciding. I like Alexa, and have a few dots around the house and one at work, but this echo show is SO DAMN UGLY. With all the tablets I have, and the echo dots, this isn't a MUST HAVE. Here's hoping home pod integrates with Apple TV in an elegant way.

Cool idea though.


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Video calling on your speaker because your phone, tablet and computer are too mainstream.

My 92 year old Mother cannot work a phone, tablet or computer. She used to be able to use a dedicated Skype video phone, but even that became too difficult for her.

I ordered these right away. I sure hope they did it right.

If she can ask to see her kids, grandkids or great grandkids simply by voice, it'll be a winner for us.
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Sep 25, 2015
Somewhat related but, I hope with the next generation Apple TV has FaceTime. And they make a wireless iSight accessory that you can buy and mount anywhere, like on top of the TV. And its rechargeable via Lightning.


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And with this, there was a collective sigh of relief from governments all around the world. "Thank god we now have a device that can film and record audio, 24/7 in people's homes. And they are not only not being forced to use it, they're actually paying money for it".

Another reason to buy Amazon's devices.

Same as other Echo models, the Mute button on top acts as a hardware disconnect of the mike (and camera).

Which means no software can secretly turn them back on, unlike possibly with other home devices like this.
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Feb 21, 2008
I cancelled my order a couple of days ago. Mainly through fear my wife would throttle me if I installed one more screen in our apartment. It also seems overpriced for an Amazon product. If the sound is significantly better than the original and the screen is nice I may yet take the plunge. And the risk of being throttled.


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Jul 29, 2016
Boulder, CO
Uh oh. Apple better get their s**t together.
Oh wait. FaceTime.

My thoughts exactly. This sounds like marketing to me more than anything. With "Hey Siri" functionality (providing it works), it seems an iPad could already do everything that this device is supposed to be able to do.


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Jul 15, 2012
Is it me or do all of the tech media quotes sound like backhanded compliments?

They want early access to companies' wares so they always tread carefully and are usually too quick to praise. If video calls is Echo Show's killer app, then it sounds like it's DOA.

I mean, it's not hard for anyone here to figure out that an iPad or the iPhone they already have is better for video calls because of its portability... not to mention, it does 10x more than the Echo Show without the same privacy concerns.


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Oct 25, 2014
Huh. So they went back to an old design that failed in the past.

Just a bulky tablet with a built in stand. :/


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Video calling on your speaker because your phone, tablet and computer are too mainstream.

Phone, tablets and laptops are MOBILE devices that leave homes with their owners. Something like this is like a television. It stays home and serves those who aren't with you and your phone, tablet or laptop.

Else, make the very same argument against anything & everything else covered by a phone, tablet and/or laptop too... including questioning why one needs more than any one of those 3 when they have at least one of them.

Stretch that argument a bit more and question why you need an Apple phone, an Apple tablet or an Apple computer when cheaper versions of the same can do most of what those can do? And again, why do we need the cheaper versions of all 3 of those when any one of those might suffice?

Point: think beyond yourself. Not everyone is single living alone. Those left behind when mobile devices are on the go might want to do these kinds of things during those times. A cheap thing like these kinds of things can fill such a want well.
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