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    So, my wife has had an iPod Touch for about 3 years now (the first of the Lightning-connector ones), and has been using an Android phone for about 2 years. The latest Android update frustrated the heck out of her, and her Touch is constantly running out of space. So I suggested that we get her a bigger (64GB) 5S instead of the android phone.

    Now we're faced with the challenge of trying to get it set up to her liking. We have a backup of the Touch with most all of the settings (annoyingly it doesn't transfer over things like the Facebook password- she's notoriously bad at keeping track of things like that...)- but that doesn't have any of the things from the phone like her contacts.

    I *thought* that Move to iOS was going to be the way to solve all of this- but -IT- apparently is only useful if you're setting up the iPhone from scratch and not after restoring it from a backup of the Touch. -_-

    Is there some combination of these that can be used to get everything from both devices together on the iPhone easily?

    Also- she has consistently used the Touch essentially stand-alone and not done any kind of management of the music on the computer. And she's bought and downloaded a LOT (95% of the Touch's 32GB is music- and she'd constantly having to delete music off to get new stuff...) of music onto it. What's the best way to handle getting the music AND playlists off the Touch and onto the new phone?

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    I think iMazaing can copy the music from your iPod to your computer. I use it for other purposes and find it a very handy piece of software:

    Anyway, I think you could use the "move to iOS" app to setup the phone, then use iMazing to transfer the music.

    However, if all her music was purchased from Apple, she should be able to just download it again on the new phone directly after setting it up with her Apple ID. This is also the way to recover any music she deleted to make more room on the iPod.

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