Angela Ahrendts Climbs to Thirteenth Spot in Fortune's 'Most Powerful Women' List for 2017

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    My experience with that lady's changes are the following...

    You can never get a booking at a genius bar for warranty work. Even AppleCare couldn't manage it.

    So how did I get my laptop repaired? Apple told me to find an Apple approved company and have them do the work, or just turn up in store and wait around for an hour or so, as someone might be able to see me?

    They will even txt you when they decide they can be bothered, but you essentially have to spend your day in a shopping mall waiting for the txt.

    Luckily we have a business account and we buy a lot of macs, so after asking to speak to management I was seen within minutes, unlike the rest of Apple's poor customers who were put in the twilight zone of maybe getting a txt and they should just kinda hand around waiting.

    Absolute bull, I told the manager they were more like Dixons these days and their customer support insulting.

    This lady took something that worked and broke it, and broke it badly.

    Obviously changing all the shops into little more than coffee shops will only increase this nonsense.
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    Mar 23, 2012
    Couldn't agree more. Except about Jobs. If he could find a revenue flow to maximize, he did (and he should have..). Like good software. Apple ran like a machine. He knew to say no to products that wouldn't provide required margins. However, unlike Cook, he was more relentless with perfecting products and obviously wielded more control over everything in that regard. Cook never struck me as that much of a techie or someone who knows what people want. It was Jobs' way or the highway. Cook is about team approaches, inclusiveness, etc.

    Would Apple have dumped the ecosystem of things under Jobs? Routers, monitors, etc? I'm not sure. I think that's a mistake. Macs are the heart of Apple and I don't think Jobs would have neglected them like Cook did. Jobs would know the importance. Even though sales have been ok compared to PC's, I think they missed an opportunity to gain some significant PC market and consider that a failure on Cook's part. And I'm not sure Jobs would've been ok with screens used in the iphone series for so long since the iphone 6. That 1080p screen used in the Plus was all about costs and compromise. At the very least, I think Jobs would have tried to ensure much more control over OLED screen production like they did their A chips.

    I still worry about Apple not having essential things I need, relying on Bing for Siri, outsourcing half baked Map data, neglecting itunes, icloud, and other things and if that bodes well for the future.
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    What people are NOT paying attention to is what will happen if Cook leaves the CEO position. If Jeff Williams takes over, it will get worse because, as you've said, Jobs was relentless with perfection and took control of everything. He knew how to keep people in check. They think that Apple will stay #1 forever.

    It won't because Apple is going to slip down and fall eventually. Complacency and greed is an insidious little thing that when it starts small, it begins to snowball bigger and bigger to the point where they lose control of the plot. So that being pointed out, I don't think Angela's attempts to turn the stores around will be enough to make a difference.
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    Don’t have to. U.S. and California corporate law already do. Most shareholders agree. So do a few app developers.
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    Damn... didn't knew men in tech were so misogynist
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    I am sorry to hear that.

    I have had a polar opposite experience as compared to yours. I walked in without an appointment, and despite them being extremely busy that day, they were able to fit me in to assess my Apple Watch issue. I have a Series 0 that no longer has AppleCare support, however, they are still going to help me with my hardware issue.

    I have found that working with Apple support can sometimes be a crapshoot, however, having the right attitue when you go into the store or , a support situation, can pay dividends as to how you are treated or supported.

    Perhaps the people you were dealing with were having a bad day.

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