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Apr 12, 2001

An animated cat, fox, pig, and rooster singing Bohemian Rhapsody is the epitome of a new social media phenomenon dubbed Animoji Karaoke.


Over the past week, both reviewers and customers lucky enough to have the iPhone X in their hands have shared fun, humorous videos of Animoji in action, ranging from goofy voiceovers to full-out music videos.

Animoji, for those unaware, are custom animated characters that use your voice and mirror your facial expressions captured by the iPhone X's new TrueDepth camera system. You can even record yourself as a Pile of Poo.

And then we proceeded to waste half our day. #animojikaraoke #iphonex #queen #bohemianrapsody #carriedaway - Mia Harrison (@ManxomeMia) November 4, 2017

iPhone X users can create Animoji recordings up to 10 seconds long in the Messages app, but the internet discovered that iOS 11's new screen recording feature allows for much lengthier clips. Enter Animoji Karaoke.

The idea was conceived by technology reporter Harry McCracken, who decided it might be fun to lip-sync a song and have an Animoji character mimic his performance. From there, similar videos have spread on social media.

To create your own Animoji Karaoke, play a song loudly enough for it to be picked up by the iPhone X's microphone while lip-syncing. After messaging the Animoji, tap on it, and tap on the iOS share sheet to save it as a video.

A few people have gone a few steps further by stitching together multiple Animoji clips and editing in some other post-production effects.

Animoji might end up being a gimmicky feature that fades over the coming months, but for now, Apple is certainly benefitting from a wave of free viral marketing. If you see a singing fox in your timeline, now you know why.

Article Link: Animoji Karaoke Takes Over Social Media Following iPhone X Launch


Feb 11, 2008
The thing I hated most, kinda the most fun part of the iPhone X so far.... that notch and gestures I'm still combing to terms with. Faceid works very well though.....though more we read, seems to be unlocking for most families :p
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Sep 5, 2007
I have to say the Bohemian Rhapsody made me laugh. My kids absolutely love the animated poop emoji and recorded a ton of different video to send to friends last night. I think they think its the greatest achievement in the history of technology. And I'm enjoying the rest of the phone.
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