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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by bwphoto, Oct 4, 2011.

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    So they mention that it can switch between antennas "even while you're on a call" - I'm not sure I get this. Are they suggesting people might have an account with a CDMA and GSM provider in their home town and just choose which network is stronger? Will my ATT account "roam" over to Verizon while I walk down the street?

    I understand having the ability for both networks as it would relate to international travel, but they way they described this feature it sounded like they meant more than that.
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    No, they're not switching between CDMA and GSM. They are switching between a pair of antennas contained in the steel band. It's usually called "antenna diversity", and can be accomplished in many ways. Essentially, the receiver samples both antennas, then selects the one with the better signal.

    The iPhone 4S also uses this information when transmitting. This obviously improves the basic communication, but can also help determine an optimal power setting - the better the connection, the lower the power that needs to be used, and therefore the less battery power needed.
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