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Apr 12, 2001

Nine industry associations representing companies like Facebook and publisher Axel Springer today filed an antitrust complaint with Germany's competition regulator over Apple's incoming App Tracking Transparency requirement, according to the Financial Times. This follows a similar complaint filed by advertisers in France last year.


In the complaint, the industry associations reportedly predicted a 60% fall in advertising revenues for app developers, as they believe the requirement will make it harder for third parties to gather the data they need to place ads.

Starting with iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5, which will reportedly be released later today, Apple will be requiring apps to receive a user's permission to track their activity for targeted advertising purposes. Apple says this App Tracking Transparency requirement is designed to give users control and transparency in regards to their personal data, and previously outlined privacy-preserving ad measurement alternatives.

SKAdNetwork, for example, lets advertisers know how many times an app was installed after ads for it were seen, without any user or device data being shared. Likewise, Private Click Measurement allows advertisers to measure the impact of ads that lead users to a website while minimizing data collection using on-device processing. Apps can use Private Click Measurement starting with iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5.

Starting today, all iPhone and iPad apps submitted to the App Store must be built with Xcode 12 and the iOS 14 SDK or later, and must adhere to the App Tracking Transparency requirement to collect permission to track users.

Article Link: Antitrust Complaint Filed in Germany Over Apple's Incoming App Tracking Transparency Requirement
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Sep 23, 2020
As a German, and knowing how incompetent out courts are especially when it comes to technology... ****.

I don't give a damn **** about your ads revenue. I don't want to see what garbage you want to sell me and I don't want you to track me.

IRL you can also not just go into my home and watch what I'm doing and then scream at me what trash you have to sell. Why is that legal on the internet?


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May 15, 2019
I haven’t actually seen one of these app track requests screens pop up yet? I’ve turned my request tracking to ON in the privacy settings so I can see which are are asking for permission, but have yet to see any?
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Jul 2, 2006
I'm hoping that any EU countries & courts where this is brought before, throw the book at them ... based on the fact that Consumer Privacy (which EU has stronger rules for) should supersede the - imo bogus - anti-competitive, anti-trust, anti ... claims these advertising companies are making.

Let's just go back to the old days of newspapers and magazines and let things sort themselves out. They can advertise if and where they like, but that's it.


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Aug 10, 2007
I'm a rolling stone.
I haven’t actually seen one of these app track requests screens pop up yet? I’ve turned my request tracking to ON in the privacy settings so I can see which are are asking for permission, but have yet to see any?
I haven't either, but, my Settings/Privacy/tracking Allow Apps to Request to track is set to off, that might be the thing preventing these pop-ups since you already don't allow them to track you.
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Sep 16, 2014
I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.
God forbid people are given a choice of how they are tracked and how their information is raped from them for profit by multi-billion dollar companies.

They are complaining that they may be unable to spy on people without permission. Seriously? That’s a reasonable point of view for a lawsuit :rolleyes: I’d kick them to the kerb.

I avoid them as best I possibly can anyway, and I certainly won’t allow tracking when it becomes available. Go back to good old-fashioned, non-tracked advertising. Is it as effective? No, of course not. Will they still make obscene amounts of money? Yes, of course they will.


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Feb 12, 2016
Im like WHAAAT, really, the companies are Stealing our Data, without us knowing what Data they have on us, and now they want to sue Apple because "Their Bussines" would fall about 60% so what, i dont care, they should have seen ths comming, but what oposes me where ist the EU now and alle the Burocrats ? Does this not concern them that the companies are officially stating guilty of theft ? And missusing the Data of People not actually knowing ....
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Mar 13, 2011
IMO, just goes to show how out of control the mobile advertising industry has become. All these lawsuits and uproar over transparency. Being forced to actually be open about what information you are getting and what you're doing with it. So consumers can be informed to make a choice they feel comfortable with. If your business model was built dependent on tracking users without their knowledge or proper consent, you have no sympathy from me if this threatens what you chose to build.
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