Any updates on the roadmap ?

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    I'm not following Apple too much anymore. However I'm wondering if you have heard about an iCloud update coming soon. i'm talking about the Web services.

    Right now, those web apps look fantastic but really lack in terms of features when compares to Google or Microsoft's web apps. Some say those are meant to be used with their respective apps on iOS or macOS, but then, why should there be a front-end in the first place then ?

    Take mail, for instance, it has not evolved much in terms of features since iCloud's introduction in 2011. And actually i'm not sure this was even more than a cosmetic upgrade to it's too bad as i'd love to be using it on a regular basis

    Any idea ?

    Edit :
    Sometime I think that if Apple does not want to invest in, then why not launching a new hardware for personal cloud ? Think of the NAS market, the high potential for consumers and startups when G and M only focus on big companies. Something gathering technologies from Time Machine, Time Capsule, Airport Express and Apple TV. A private cloud from Apple with high business potential and eventually a new App store for server-based Web apps... But I disgress :)
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    There are no rumors.
    But you're right, definitely needs a makeover. Just look at Calendar, it doesn't even show subscribed calendars.
    Let's cross our fingers that WWDC brings some updates.
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    God they need to do something for it. Awful how it is now

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