1. B

    Stop MacOs from showing Paste app update

    Dear friends, I am not intending to update the Paste app, since in this case I do not see any advantages of subscription model upon once-paid app. How can I stop MacOs showing Paste app update available? (I am still want to keep the old version of the app). Thanks.
  2. S

    iPhone Still having issues with Mail.

    Many people had reposted similar problems with Mail on iPhone. However even with the latest iOS updates my problems still persist. Listing them here: 1) When viewing new mail and clicking the down arrow to get to the next new email, it shows each email twice. They are not listed twice in the...
  3. R

    iPhone iphone is stuck on iOS 12.4

    Hi. My friend has an iPhone 7. Its stuck on iOS 12.4 Reset All Settings didn't solve the problem. What to do?
  4. S

    When will we see an iMac refresh and what to expect?

    I’m looking to swap my current iMac (late 2014) with a brand new one. There’s been a lot of updates and improvements since I got mine, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a new one. But since the last refresh was in March 2019, it doesn’t seem like the right time to invest (yet), so I was hoping...
  5. pedzsan

    Download Xcode 11.3

    The bandwidth to my house is metered. I'd like to go somewhere with my iPad (because its more convenient), download the latest Xcode (11.3 in this case) and then plop the package on my Mac and install it. Is that possible? I'm curious both in this specific case and also in the general case...
  6. P

    Watch 5 blink screen under warm light

    Not always but sometimes under warm (and sometimes one of a hundred under strong bright daylight) light my screen blinks when turn my watch to see the time . It’s for 1/10 . I thought it was hardware issue of the screen or the sensor but when you have that kind of hardware issue it’s always...
  7. haralds

    A supplemental to the supplemental!

    Just not able to get it together? https://macdailynews.com/2019/10/21/apple-releases-revised-macos-catalina-supplemental-update/
  8. L

    application support only last for 5 years?

    hi guys, ive got this question and been looking for it on the internet and found nothing, so i decided to ask here so, all i know is that apple will stop giving an update to an apple device once it become 5 years of an age from the release date. But, will any other application like instagram...
  9. R

    How to update iWork

    Hi, I have iWork09 dvd, and Macbook Pro 2009 13 inch. Installed iWork on El Capitan. How can I update to the latest keynote, pages,numbers which compatible with El Capitan?
  10. jarule

    Macintosh HD - Data addition after updating.

    Hi! I just updated my MacBook Pro to macOS Catalina. After installation, I noticed that MONIT was showing Machintosh - Data in addition to the normal Macintosh HD partition. I checked on Disk Utility right after and saw it wasn't MONIT showing the wrong drives. I now have this partition...
  11. B

    Can't update to Watch OS 5.2 (or later)

    Hi, I just purchased a series 4 watch. It's currently on Watch OS 5.13 and I would like to update to at least 5.2 so I can use the ECG function here in the UK. Admittedly, my iPhone 5s is a grandpa by today's standards. But I don't feel the need for a new phone, and it runs iOS 12.4.2 perfectly...
  12. T

    Problems with Time Machine and Chrome update disaster

    I recently had a problem with my iMac not turning on because of the Chrome update. I first tried to reinstall Mojave without restoring it from a Time Machine back up. That didn't work....then I tried to restore the Mac from a Time Machine and it didn't work....it would say 'An error occurred...
  13. bogdanw

    Google: Chrome Update Impacts Some macOS Systems

    Google Chrome Help: https://support.google.com/chrome/thread/15235262?hl=en
  14. J

    Jailbroken iPhone 4S, stuck on iOS 6.1.3 HELP!

    I bought i refurbished iPhone 4S just to use it as an iPod, and cause i love the design still even in 2019. I downgraded to iOS 6.1.3 from iOS 9 the very day i got the iPhone, and it was fine. So the issue is, the refurbished site must have replaced original battery or something. Every time i...
  15. Sebastian79

    Should I stay on Sierra

    Ok, this might sound stupid, but besides the aesthetics and gimmicks, what am I missing out on if I stick to Sierra on my MBP. The only reason I haven't updated so far is that I am afraid of my machine getting slower. Appreciate some feedback and/or advice... Tnx!
  16. Schmidi0t

    SOS - My Hackintosh won’t boot properly after recent update

    A few months ago I successfully used the macOS Mojave patcher tool to install Mojave onto my mid2011 MacBook Pro. Inside I have new ram (16gb) and replaced the hard drive with a 1tb ssd. My machine has been working phenomenally and have only had an issue today. As per the site recommendation, I...
  17. Buadhai

    Insufficient Storage To Install 5.3 Update

    Although I was able to install the 5.3 update on my Apple Watch 2, my wife can't install on her Apple Watch 3 because she has insufficient storage. According to the Watch app on my iPhone my AW2 has a storage capacity of 5.2 GB with 2.3 GB free. On my watch I have zero songs, 24 photos and 17...
  18. AjTee

    Interesting things during update to 10.14.6...

    Hi, I have installed 10.14.6 update yesterday. I noted some interesting things. During update MacBook powered down, then I powered it again and shows up white Apple logo on black background again but progress bar back away instead of progress forward. After a while MacBook powered down, then I...
  19. DeanLubaki

    iPhone WatchOS 6 — Watch looking like it's restoring but it's not...

    Hello! It has happened twice now: my Apple Watch looks like it's restoring/updating (showing the Apple Watch Basic screen with the progress ring), but at the end my watch is just like before. It happens every time my iPhone (on iOS 13 beta) is updated... I've checked and the watch is not...
  20. C

    iPhone SE iPhone activation notification?

    Backstory: My mother once gave me her old iPhone and forgot about it. Her iCloud account is still linked to this phone and she now has nothing to do with me anymore. :/ Since then I've opened the phone periodically to see pictures of my family and nephews that I otherwise won't get to see at...