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  1. feedthejim

    How to update the Airpods Max + why they haven't updated yet for some of us

    So I went down some rabbit hole after trying to get my AirPods Max to update and noticing that they weren't updating after following all voodoo steps that I saw online. I saw this tweet which says that you could debug the process with the Console app on Mac. After playing around with it, here's...
  2. theapplehead

    macOS apps not updating properly

    Whenever I try to update apps on my Mac I continually face an issue. The download for the app update will begin and will reach the point of installation. Then the update hangs for a bit before restarting and installing the entire app over again. I’ve been experiencing this issue with all my Mac...
  3. S

    M1 Mac Mini stuck after update

    Hi guys, I have run into a strange problem earlier when I updated the M1 Mac Mini. The update process went fine. Then the mac restarted with no problems. Login page popped up. And after I entered the password, there's a window which I think it should have some content, but it's blank. Then it's...
  4. mac_in_tosh

    Conflicting Update Notifications

    I'm running Mac OS Catalina on my 2019 MacBook Pro. I have an administrator account, where I usually do all the updates, and another account. Recently, for instance, there was an update to iMovie that I did in the administrator account and the App Store is showing it as recently updated. But if...
  5. Z

    Updating firmware on MBP 2012

    Hello and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, I have a mid-2012 13” MBP running on 10.12.6 Sierra, which I’ve been trying to update to the latest OS for some time now. Any update that is newer than Sierra throws a “An error occurred while verifying firmware” error. After removing the CD/DVD drive...
  6. Manek43509

    Logic Won't Update Even Though I Know It's Compatible

    Wasn't sure whether to put this in Pro Audio or here, but I went for here because I figure ultimately that's a Mac App Store issue, not an issue with Logic itself. So here's the thing… I have a Mac Pro 5,1 running Mojave, and Logic Pro X 10.4.8 running on it. I also have a MacBook Pro...
  7. peneaux

    How To Block Big Sur Update

    I don't want to install Big Sur. Is there a way to block Catalina from downloading this huge 12GB update and installation?
  8. D

    Apple watch series 3 won't update to OS7

    Hi, I have an apple watch series 3. When my brother first tried to update from OS6 to OS 7, the watch turned off somehow. It booted again, but now it won't update to OS7. It downloads the update and then while preparing, it throws the error - "Cannot verify update, please make sure you are...
  9. E

    Forced watchOS 7 update

    Just had my watch update overnight. After discovering it had downloaded the update last night to the phone (a new mini 12), I was unable to cancel or stop the update even with automatic updates off and spending over thirty minutes interacting with Apple Support. The next best thing to a solution...
  10. V

    Catalina update (Nov. 5, 2020) broke display mirroring

    I usually run my 2017 MacBook Pro connected to an external monitor. Since installing the supplemental update to Catalina (10.15.7, released Nov. 5, 2020), display mirroring no longer functions properly. It hops back and forth incessantly, alternately blanking the external monitor but leaving the...
  11. purdnost

    Disappeared Siri Contact Suggestions when Sharing

    Wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I no longer have contact suggestions in my share sheet. I verified that Settings > Siri & Search > Suggestions when Sharing is toggled on. Curious if it’s a known bug in the new update. This is happening on both my iPhone and iPad.
  12. Bambina

    Security update / Supplemental update

    Hi! I had installed the security update 2020-005, which slowed my Mac to unbelievably low levels so I had to restore using a snapshot. It took my Mac back to just before installing the security update and now it's working fine. I've noticed that there's a supplemental update, but the security...
  13. Kylo83

    iOS 14 Speculation Thread

    Let the fun begin :)
  14. S

    Help: Removed Apple Watch series 0 while it's stuck

    Hi all, Last night, I was surprised to find that my series 0 AW (pre-ordered in 2015) was updating when I grabbed it off the charger. I thought apple had stopped updating series 0? I immediate put it back on the charger but this morning it was still in the same position (about 40% done) and...
  15. M

    [SOLVED] Big sur failed Update to beta 5

    A while ago I noticed spindump hogging my CPU constantly (>80%). I found a thread which I followed to disable spindump Commands I ran from recovery: csrutil authenticated-root disable mount /dev/disk3s5 /Volumes/osvolume ... bless --folder /Volumes/osvolume/System/Library/CoreServices...
  16. C

    iMac 21,5" Late 2012 RAM Update Question

    Hello everyone! I have a little doubt with my iMac 21.5" (Late 2012). I want to upgrade the hard drive into a SSD and also I want to update the RAM from 8GB into 16GB (because its the maximum that iMac model can hold up). The thing that i want to know is if its possible to installar DDR4...
  17. milohywel

    MP 1,1-5,1 How can I make my mac Pro a current computer?

    Hey folks, I'm gonna try to cover this as quick as possible as it could be a question which is asked often. I've just purchased the most recent Macbook Pro, which is running the latest OS and is running it smooooth. At home I also have a Mac Pro (Mid 2010 tower), which cannot update past High...
  18. peanutismint

    Is there some way to disable popup notifications to update my iPhone to iOS 13.5.1 whenever I plug it in?

    I just updated my Mac to Catalina and my iPhone to iOS 13.5, but now every time I plug my iPhone into my Mac I get a popup notification telling me to update it again to 13.5.1 which I don't want to do because I'm jailbroken. I noticed there was a Terminal command 'sudo softwareupdate --ignore...
  19. M

    10.15.5 impossible update

    I have tried to install 10.15.5 update 10 times. The procedure seems OK (reboot, etc). But the OS version remains 10.15.4, and the same 10.15.5 update notification stays in the System prefs. Any hint ? Thanks a lot to help.
  20. PhillyGuy72

    Google Chrome update 5/20 - Garbled text everywhere on iMac desktop browser

    Running iMac with Google Chrome browser (why...who knows. I'm just used to it I guess.) Anyway, the Chrome browser updated this morning to version "83.0.4103.61," after that, it all I see on Google related site LIKE Google search, Gmail, YouTube, etc is this garbled mess. Only...