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  1. purdnost

    iOS Control Center Remote Volume Unreliable After 16.2

    My wife and I use the iOS and iPadOS Control Center remote to control our Apple TV. Since upgrading to iOS, iPadOS and tvOS to the latest version, volume control rarely works (the volume buttons usually only adjust the iPhone or iPad device volume). Has anyone else experienced this? Any fixes...
  2. supergaia

    how can I update the AAC Itunes encoder?

    Hi I run Mojave on my mac I want to rip some of my cds in aac and the best codec is the itunes/quicktime aac encoder to update the encoder should I upgrade my operation system ,I mean update Mojave or is there a way to have the most apple acc updated encoder ? thanks
  3. K

    OpenCore patcher on Macbook pro mid 2012 not loading

    Hello all, just upgraded the hardware in my older macbook 2012, im trying to get opencore patcher to run but i get the following message: "You can’t use this version of the application “OpenCore-Patcher” with this version of OS X. You have OS X 10.8.5. The application requires OS X 10.10 or...
  4. purdnost

    iOS 16 Update Messes with Texting Contacts that Have or Don’t Have Country Codes

    None of my contacts have the country code in their phone number. When someone texts me from a number that does contain it, Messages only recognizes that person by their phone number rather than their name. Anyone else noticing this? Is there a solution?
  5. J

    Really need help with Iphone XS Boot loop.

    So i have iphone XS and i updated ios to 16.1.1 and everything seemed fine. Then the next day my internet wasnt working like if there wasnt wifi/mobile data module in the phone. So i restarted it and it got in boot loop. I tried all the solutions in YouTube. I got in recovery mode and tried to...
  6. tinygoblin

    "No available T2 software updates found when one is required. Please try again later."

    I want to update 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro from macOS Big Sur 11.6.5 to 11.7.1. macOS Software Update shows update as available. However when I click "Install Now" button a dialog box with this message appears: No available T2 software updates found when one is required. Please try again later...
  7. Alvin777

    Which Upgrade Preserves My Key from Windows 8.0 Pro to 8.1 to Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit?

    Hello Apple and Windows Boot Camp (and actual PC) friends. I had to fresh install Windows, it's a legitimate license for Windows 8.0 Pro (says the digital receipt), how do I preserve my license (activation not a problem) from upgrading to 8.1 Pro to Windows 10 Pro (it needs 8.1 to upgrade to...
  8. BlueberryMac

    Anyone else have a larger user icon after updating to 12.5.1?

    I installed the 12.5.1 update and I've noticed that my User icon (that's shown above the password field at startup or waking from sleep) seems much larger now. Before, the diameter was about an inch wide on screen, but now it seems more like 1.5 inches. Anyone else getting this? If so, have...
  9. Herotrap038

    Apple Music Can't login with iTunes 11.3.1

    I have an old MacBook and want to use iTunes 11, but I can't login as it requests me to update the program. Worked fine some weeks ago. Is there any way to bypass it and login properly?
  10. haralds

    Beta 4 failed to update to beta 5

    Tried 3x on a Mac Studio with the beta 4 running on a Thunderbolt 3 SSD. It downloaded, attempted install, booted into phase 1 black screen, and aborted after a tiny bit of progress bar to restart. I went to cold start on the third time and through the whole cycle. No joy. Previous updates...
  11. E

    Two displays bug still not fixed after Monterey 12.4 update??

    Ever since updating from Big Sur to Monterey my macbook can only detect one external display. Thats with 2 identical displays, 2 identical HDMI cables and 2 Apple USB-C Digital AV Multi-Port Adaptors. I was praying the latest patch would fix this but it hasn't so I'm still working off 1...
  12. Justin Cymbal

    iPad App Store guidelines regarding a set app upgrade timeframe

    Hi everyone and TGIF! Earlier this afternoon, I opened Apple’s ‘Apple Store’ app on my iPad and was confronted with the following message (screenshot attached): The Apple Store app has been updated. Download the new version on the App Store I’ll start off by saying that I indeed update my...
  13. jchap

    Which macOS indie apps do you want to see updated?

    As an avid Mac user and a lover of all kinds of non-Apple-developed apps for macOS, there are some in particular that I really enjoy, but which I also desperately want to see an update for, like these: Things (Cultured Code): definitely want to see an option for larger UI text... Cultured Code...
  14. H

    Strangness with recent Chrome update files and the times they display

    On monday, Google release version 100.0.4896.75 to address a security issue. However, if I use ls -l "/Applications/Google Chrome Framework.framework/Versions", or just go into the package contents in that directory, it lists April 1st, 20:44. Now there are...
  15. M

    Updating to Cataline has ruined the built-in webcam quality

    An update to macOS Catalina has made the quality of the built-in webcam that awful that will feel guilty during zoom session, because other participants' eyes could bleed: overall quality 20x times worse than it was in Mavericks, but the main concern is a ghosting problem. When I close my eyes...
  16. T

    iPhone 13 mini iPhone 13 mini update finished after removing from charger? (Less than 50% battery)

    Hi guys, I’ve downloaded the latest dev OTA yesterday. The phone seems to have gone under 50 while downloading and updating. Without any reason I’ve put it on a charger for some time (minutes) and took it from there. The moment I took it from the charger, the progress finished and it seems I...
  17. W

    is it safe to update macbook pro to latest big sur update on opencore legacy patcher

    i have a mid 2009 macbook pro pached to big sur and i was wondering, is ti safe to update??
  18. haralds

    Parallels Update - a treasure for M1on Monterey

    This update for Parallels Desktop 17 for Mac 17.1.0 (51516) addresses overall stability and security issues, and includes the following fixes and improvements: Windows · To meet the Windows 11 requirements and increase compatibility with Windows 11, a virtual TPM chip is added...
  19. aleeexz03

    Network Problem over update IOS 15

    Hello. I own an iPhone 11 and a very strange thing is happening. The thing I tell you happens after I updated to iOS 14.7.1, later in all the other versions this happened, as if in iOS 14.8 the problem was fixed, but I'm not sure. I subscribe to Telekom Romania Mobile, I have a 4G subscription...
  20. Oohara

    Are you updating to iOS 15 today?

    Curious to know how others approach this. Me, I always wait for the first incremental update to save myself the trouble I've occasionally had in the past. Feel free to post and motivate your choice, and to prevent the thread from sinking. Thanks & happy updating, whenever (if) you do!