iPad Pro any word on the 12.9 pro bending?


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May 22, 2015
I must be idiotic but im tempted to get the 12.9 ipad pro thus being the 3rd time i bought an ipad pro 2018 but after getting the 11 inch and the screen distorted in the otterbox case, im super hesitant. (i did a post on that too)

whats up with the beding on the pro. Almost every bending i hear about is on the 11 inch! you would think because its bigger it would bend easer...but apparently not.

If i get it and the otterbox case and apple care, i should be good right? I cant keep buying and returning these things cause of this bending issue, and i really do wish apple would say that they will outright replace it with a stronger one or something down the road should something happen to it.

Point is, i really NEED an ipad thats somewhat durable. im starting classes soon on graphic arts and i also need it to act as a 2nd monitor for my imac.

i should have never returned the first 12.9 i had but with all the bending i got super paranoid and by that time it was too late for apple care (and i also needed the money from the return for a household emergency)

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Sep 18, 2014
Had my 12.9 since launch day. I use it inside the house with no case, and then I throw the portfolio case on it when I’m using it out and about.

No bends. No concerns about it bending.

Get it. Enjoy it. Don’t worry about it.
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