Anyone else ever do something like this?

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    I'm in medical school and thought the iPad would be a good way to read, annotate, and make notes on the boat load of PDFs that we get heaved upon us at school. It has become a critical part of my studies now, and not just for PDFs, but PowerPoints as well. I don't know how I ever managed without it. Obviously, I take it with me everyday to and from school. I have an Incipio Lexington case that I really like, but I don't really trust just throwing it in my backpack with all of my other books, computer charger, etc. The case is nice but screen protection is a little light. So I wanted to find something that would give some impact protection while transporting in my backpack. I have a booq Vyper hard case sleeve that I use with my MacBook Pro 13" and it's awesome. Never worry about it getting dinged up in my bag. So I went perusing on booq's website for something similar that would add some good impact protection while transporting. I didn't find anything specifically for the new iPad that would really do the job, but then I had a thought...booq makes a Vyper hard case sleeve for the 11" MacBook Air. In short, I ordered it and it looks like it's going to work perfectly for what I need. The iPad with the case on fits snugly in the sleeve. It even has some small pockets inside to house some cords and the charger. There's also a loop for my stylus. Anyone else using a non-typical case or sleeve for their new iPad?

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    Cool story, bro.

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