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Anyone Familiar with Acronis True Image?


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May 5, 2008
The Misty Mountains
This would be the True Image 2020 version and technically although this is a dual platform product, I'm running into this problem on my PC.

Can anyone who is familiar with tell me why my C Drive save of 200 GB turn into a 800 GB file? I'm looking at settings such as compression, but don't see what it could be. I would think if anything, a 200 GB Drive would turn into something smaller as a save file.

What am I doing wrong or what have I over looked? Maybe this is the same kind of setting issue you could run into on either PC or Mac? Thanks!


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Apr 19, 2017
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I use a much older version of Acronis True image to back up my windows 10 desktop. I always select maximum compression and the resulting file is much smaller.


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Dec 1, 2012
I am using Acronis on Windows 10. By default the backup is already a compressed file.

Two things to check:
1. That the Backup Source is C drive and only C drive.
2. Under Options->Exclusions tab, that you exclude the files you want to exclude.

Having said that, I think if you are backing up C drive, does it mean you want to make the backup bootable? If so, perhaps Acronis added some other things to the backup for it.
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