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Sep 14, 2014
Has anyone decided to keep their 5s another year, and wait for iPhone 7 instead?

I'm on the S-cycle, and I'm really looking forward to getting a new phone. But the last few days I've been thinking, do I really need to buy a new phone or is the 5s good for another year? I haven't had any urge to buy the 6, and 5s is not slow by any means. Yes, I would love an improved camera, but I have a Canon G7X that takes better pictures than any smartphone out there. The 5s camera is good enough for daily snapshots.

The only thing that annoys me is the battery life. If I hardly use the phone throughout the day, is usually last until bedtime. But if I play some games, listen to music or do some heavy usage I normally have to charge it at least once.
There is a guy here in Norway that has a second hand repair center, called Dr. iPod. He uses only original parts, and can change the battery for 450 NOK ($54). The 128 GB iPhone 6s would cost me 8590 NOK ($1036). And Dr. iPod gives one year warranty on the parts he changes.

I guess I just have to wait until September 9th. If I know myself well enough, I will most likely have preordered the 6s whenever possible.


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Sep 14, 2010
Although I am fully 110% planning on upgrading to a 6S Plus, I am going to hang onto my 5S (64 GB) that I have now. This is in case something happens and I need a backup for any reason. Just like I held onto my 4S after I got the 5S.

Thankfully I never had to go back to using it though, and hopefully I won't have to return to using the 5S again after I get the new 6S Plus.

So, in a sense, yes I am "keeping" mine.


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Jun 9, 2009
I have several concerns about upgrading to the 6:

1. Battery life by all accounts is maybe 10% better. That's it.
2. Speed increase is neglible. The 5s is just that fast, still.
3. The camera is slightly better, but not by much.
4. The size: screen is bigger, but the 6 and 6s pretty much have the largest footprint of any 4.7" phone. They are the same size as many 5 inch phones.

To the 6s:
All of the above will be again very small upgrades to the 6. But coming 2 generations, yes, it may well be worth it.

1. double the ram. thank you. should help alot towards smoothness and longevity.
2. camera: I'm skeptical that the camera is going to be any better than the current Galaxy S6 or LG G4. I think we've hit a law of diminishing returns. Would love to be proved wrong on this.
Other than that, next. Nothing of consequence to the 6s.

That said, when you buy an iPhone, you never do it out of pure reason. It's fundamentally an emotional decision. Otherwise everyone would buy Android b/c it's half the price and twice the specs.


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Aug 31, 2011
Well…I got the 6+ about three months ago. I kept my 5. We don't sell our phones.

Both get great battery life.

Won't be upgrading until after the 7 is out. I prefer the numbered upgrade path.

2015-08-29 07.46.59.jpg


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I'm probably going to buy one, from the eBay seller who recently sold me a 5C - they're great phones to stick a local SIM into, when travelling.

What about the 6S? Well the Nexus 5 is currently my main phone. I'll wait to see what Google pull out of their hat, for the 2015 5s and 6s (and whether or not Google respond to Apple Pay, outside of the U.S.).


Oct 10, 2011
My 5s has great life and still works flawless, I'm upgrading for a free 5s this week hopefully for a spare.

Size wise I just dislike the new phones, I have like baby man hands.


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Sep 7, 2010
That said, when you buy an iPhone, you never do it out of pure reason. It's fundamentally an emotional decision. Otherwise everyone would buy Android b/c it's half the price and twice the specs.

There are perfectly valid, non-emotional reasons to buy an iPhone over an Android device. iOS does offer a different ecosystem, app selection, and user experience, after all. Plus Apple offers an unsurpassed level of support for their products. No OS fragmentation, not knowing when or if your device will get updates including security patches. What's printed on a spec sheet isn't everything. In fact, iPhone usually match or outperform phones with higher specs on paper.


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Sep 27, 2004
I'm on the S cycle and am definitely ditching my 5s for a 6s Plus. My eyesight isn't what it used to be and I'm looking forward to the larger screen as well as performance bumps in some of the iPhone games I play.

I'll keep the 5s, though it'll probably be relegated to becoming the music player for my car.


Jun 28, 2015
Western Hemisphere
I kept my 5S when I bought a 6 Plus.

My 5S was and is an excellent iPhone even if I truly find it too small and felt that way for years after the wonderful Androids with large spacious screens.

Yet I'm really happy I kept it just for fun as a compact phone that is very easily carried when I'm Kayaking, Rock Climbing and Cycling.

I must say its battery life is superior to my iP6+ by a fair amount depending on what I'm doing. Now that we know Apple is installing a smaller battery which is probably for cost cutting reasons, I can't live with less battery life, even though they'll claim it's more efficient and lasts like last years. My iP6+ gets very poor run times on its battery.

I'm waiting till iPhone 7 for sure.


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Jul 23, 2014
I just bought a new iPhone 5S 32GB and stopped using the 6. Keen to go back to a smaller phone and saw the rumours that there is no new 4" phone coming out
I noticed that stock of the 5s is depleted everywhere, and the Apple employee I spoke to initially thought they were out of the 32GB.

I think the decision about a bigger phone depends on what you use it for. I don't think I'm the only one who prefers a smaller phone, but maybe Apple considers there aren't enough people to maintain a 4" phone.
What they want is for us to buy a big iPhone then use an Apple Watch to control it.


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Dec 4, 2014
In the past, I have updated my phone instantly when my contract expired. This time, I will not be in any hurry to do so as I am completely happy with my 16g 5s. Regardless of what I do, I will be keeping my 5s as a spare phone. I don't want to leave the Iphone, but the 6+ is just way too large, and I don't care for the overly thin Iphone 6.


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Jun 15, 2010
Edinburgh, Scotland
I have upgraded every model except the iPhone 3G (there was little point) and the iPhone 6. I held out last year to get the watch but then decided against the watch - particularly since I couldn't afford the gold! For the last couple of months I have been desperate to upgrade as my 64gb is crammed full, the battery is poor and I could do with a small increase in screen size but obviously holding out for 6s. Also keen to get back to black / space grey bezel.


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Dec 2, 2014
Well not 5S but normal 5 but this year I'm definitely going to upgrade. The 5 still works so good for almost being 3 years old but battery life is just terrible (4 hours of usage). Looking forward to little bit bigger screen although its not a necessity for me.

Christian 5G

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Jun 16, 2010
Orange County, CA
I have 5s and it's not like I need to upgrade but I just find things like other's mentioned about the battery life being pretty bad. It burns through battery like crazy.

And I really like the 6, played around with it and the size is good for me also (not +).

Anyway I will be upgrading.


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Oct 15, 2014
I'll probably get the 6s iff it is no thicker than the current six and the display is improved upon.

I'll keep my 5s as backup.


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Jun 28, 2007
My 5s has great life and still works flawless, I'm upgrading for a free 5s this week hopefully for a spare.

Size wise I just dislike the new phones, I have like baby man hands.

I have "baby" lady hands and I LOVE the size of the 6 Plus!


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Jun 9, 2009
Until they show me significantly increased speed, a significantly improved camera, or significantly improved battery life, I see no reason to get a 6 or a 6s. Force touch is nothing more than a right click option, so I don't need that.

The 6 or 6s will have a larger screen vs a 5s, but there are just as many reasons that the larger screen is a negative as there are that it is a positive. It's personal preference, but I do wish Apple would not be so obssessed with limiting choice. Having a small medium and large size is not equivalent to going all Android and trying to be all things to all people. It's the way the rest of the retail world works, from food to clothes to other gadgets.


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Oct 14, 2013
I'm looking forward to next week. Hoping for a surprise of some kind.
It's kind of disappointing, if they stick with 16GB base level storage. Plus there are same features which are useless to me.

I will wait and see how my 5S is running with iOS9.
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