App Store stole my programs.

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by BornToMac, Jan 7, 2011.

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    Jan 28, 2008
    So, I did like everyone else and downloaded the Mac App Store yesterday. After it was installed and my computer restarted, I noticed that some of my apps were missing (Reeder in particular). This is a legitimate app downloaded from their site and now it is gone with no official Mac App in the App Store (even though their is one in the iOS store). Should I be worried about the Mac store removing other apps I have installed? If I have a "borrowed" version of say MS Office, will the Mac App Store detect and remove it once office becomes available in the App Store?
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    Do you really believe the App Store removed your apps?
    Are there no other explanations available?
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    Just restore it from your Time Machine backup.
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    The Mac App Store looks at your apps to compare their "magic numbers" (internal ID numbers) and versions to what's in the store, but it should be "look but don't touch". It certainly shouldn't remove any applications. It think we would have heard from a lot more people if there was a bug like that in the Mac App Store.
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    First of all Go Dawgs! No I don't really think that the App store "stole" my apps and I could definitely reinstall or redownload the missing apps either from Time Machine or he site themselves.

    However, after the 10.6.6 update and installation of the MAS, a couple of programs were removed without a trace. The ones in the dock were replaced by a ? and when I looked in my mac hd/library/applications folder there is no record of the app being there in the first place. No real big deal, but thought it was strange that a given app would be removed (it didn't happen with Evernote which is present on my hd and in the app store)
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