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Apr 12, 2001

Apple in March purchased weather app Dark Sky, and at that time, Dark Sky's developers said that the app's Android version would be discontinued on July 1, 2020. However, instead of shuttering the app on that date, the app's developers announced that the discontinuation would be delayed for another month.


Now that it's August, Android users are no longer able to access the app, and subscribers who were previously active will be receiving a full refund. Dark Sky previously said that its API will continue to function through the end of 2021, but no new API signups are being accepted.

Dark Sky was originally planning to shut down weather forecasts, maps, and embeds available on its website on August 1, but the app's developers today said that weather forecasts and maps on the Dark Sky website will remain active for the time being.

Article Link: Apple-Acquired Dark Sky Officially Shuts Down Android App
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Jun 5, 2014
I’m curious what’s gonna happen moving forward on iOS and iPadOS. It’s still my favorite and most used weather client to date. I hope that Apple doesn’t screw it up when integrating it with whatever they do.

Keep it simple.
And keep the map interface and look; my favorite part.


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Dec 10, 2015
Some hourly forecast in US, some fancy radar maps etc etc.. Pretty much only USA thing because of how the data is fetched.
I've heard it has pretty decent precipitation predictions. Is that right, too?

Yeah, for me in Aus, WillyWeather is the one I turn to.
Hah WillyWeather is a great name.


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Oct 18, 2010
Apple stomping out creativity and innovation. Great job!
On the contrary this is exactly what encourages innovation. Small indie developers write cool apps and hope for a big corporation to buy them out for a big payday. It’s a quicker and more lucrative path than trying to build a company. This way the developer gets a big payout and they can move on and build the next big thing.
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