Apple Adds Another 150,000 SF to Sunnyvale Real Estate Footprint

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    Last month, we noted that Apple had signed a pair of leases for over 300,000 square feet of space in Sunnyvale, the company's first venture into the city next door to its home in Cupertino, California. The leases were said to be part of a larger effort in which Apple was looking to secure 700,000-800,000 square feet of space in Sunnyvale as it continues to grow and to tide it over until its massive new headquarters campus opens several years from now.

    According to a press release (PDF) from the City of Sunnyvale, another piece of that plan has fallen into place with Apple's commitment to lease a new 156,000 square foot building in downtown Sunnyvale. Apple is said to be planning to move 400 employees to the building, which sits directly adjacent to a similar building where Nokia just last year consolidated the majority of its Bay Area operations.
    Apple plans to occupy the new building in the third quarter of this year.

    Apple's planned "spaceship campus" in Cupertino is set to offer 2.8 million square feet of space, but the structure will not be complete until 2015. In the meantime, Apple has continued to snap up real estate leases wherever it can in Cupertino and the surrounding area to accommodate its rapidly-growing workforce. Apple currently employs roughly 25,000 full-time non-retail employees, the vast majority of which operate out of or near the company's Cupertino headquarters.

    Article Link: Apple Adds Another 150,000 SF to Sunnyvale Real Estate Footprint
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    That Sunnyvale center site has had bad luck.

    Montgomery Wards used to be a lead tenant and they went bankrupt. Two shopping centers there died and went derelict. Redevelopment projects went bankrupt multiple times. Handspring, post big IPO, was supposed to be a lead occupant, and they vanished. Then Nokia started crashing and burning just as they occupied one of the new towers.

    Hopefully Apple brings better luck to the area.
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    I was going to suggest that they make sure the property they're leasing isn't near the Hellmouth, but then I remembered that's in Sunnydale, not Sunnyvale. Totally different place.

    Say, has anyone else noticed that the big round spaceship-office building looks suspiciously like it might possibly be a huge antenna for radiating an artificially generated Steve Jobs RDF out over the whole surface of the planet?

    Just kidding of course. There is no such thing as an RDF. And if there were, there's no way to generate one artificially.
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    Sadly hellmouth was what I first thought of. Damn the wife for making me watch buffy
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    The traffic on that intersection is pretty bad. It's a mile away from where I live. Now it's gonna be worse.
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    They're going to abandon it too in 2016.

    Short bay area commercial space in 2015.

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    Apple Adds Another 150,000 SF to Sunnyvale Real Estate Footprint

    Its is very good that tha apple come in Sunnyvale. Its is true that apple moved in Sunnyvale or thy just thinking. I don't know can any one tell me about this post.

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