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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today updated its "Shot on iPhone 6" microsite to add four new videos to the "World Gallery films" section of the site. While the Shot on iPhone 6 campaign has been running since March, the dedicated video gallery was just added in early June.

Today's videos come from the Netherlands, Australia, the United States, and Norway. Like the existing videos in the gallery, the new videos showcase content shot using the iPhone and its video capturing tools like Slo-Mo and Time Lapse Each of the 15-second videos is accompanied by music and concludes with the tagline "Shot on iPhone 6."

The first video, shown above, is a Time Lapse of clouds passing over a mountain, while the second depicts a caterpillar inching along the grass. The other two videos depict what appears to be a swarm of birds and a Slo-Mo video of the shadows cast by skateboarders.

Apple's Shot on iPhone 6 microsite also includes a range of photographs that were taken with the iPhone 6, some of which have been edited using various apps. The site features photos and videos from more than 70 photographers in 24 countries, with the images being used in print media, transit posters, and billboards across the world.

Article Link: Apple Adds Four New Videos to 'Shot on iPhone 6' Gallery
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Dec 9, 2008
I sort of love these. But the birds in the third video are reminiscent of locusts and make me wonder if the director enslaved any of God's chosen people recently…
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Dec 6, 2012
I sort of love these. But the one with the horde of locusts(?) makes me wonder if the director enslaved any of God's chosen people recently…
Very funny comment except that those aren't locust. They are birds.

Still I applaud the comment.


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Nov 14, 2011
How does Apple select these? One photo that's currently on billboards in SF, LA and Tokyo was taken by a former Apple employee. The photo is of her husband who currently works on Apple's design team. Is it just random that this photo was selected? It's a cool photo so I can see why it would have been picked.

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Jul 27, 2014
Has anyone seen the Chicago CTA shot on iPhone video ad? I saw it as an ad on YouTube, but can't find the video itself online.


Jun 20, 2010
I recently shot a video of a survey, testing to see how a metal object was attached to a wall. One hand poked at it with a spackle knife, while the other held the phone. It came out good. Maybe I should present it for consideration.


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Dec 23, 2010
London, UK
Are these people payed a fee by Apple for using their photography in their marketing? And where are these people chosen from?


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Aug 24, 2009
I'd like apple to pay for a PSA saying - hold your damn smartphone sideways when making a video.


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Jul 13, 2008
Columbus, OH USA
Is anyone else baffled by this: how does Apple manage to blow up 8MP photos to billboard-size masterpieces??

The company that makes the billboard probably has special software to enlarge the images to billboard size. Also, keep in mind that billboards are usually viewed from a distance. If you were to go to that billboard up close (or any billboard with a photo) the image would break down just like it would if you viewed it on a computer and zoomed in. It's an optical illusion.
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