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Apr 12, 2001

Apple has announced it will be holding a special event on Tuesday, May 7 at 7 a.m. Pacific Time (10 a.m. Eastern Time), with a live stream to be available on and on YouTube as usual. The event invitation has a tagline of "Let Loose" and shows an artistic render of an Apple Pencil, suggesting that iPads will be a focus of the event.

The event invitation does not mention an in-person component, with Apple inviting the media to watch online alongside the general public.

During the event, Apple is expected to announce new iPad Pro and iPad Air models, along with updated Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard accessories.

Here is everything that has been rumored:Apple has not released any new iPads since late 2022, so this event has been a long time coming. The event will take place just over a month before Apple's annual developers conference WWDC, which runs from June 10 through June 14.

Article Link: Apple Announces 'Let Loose' Event on May 7 Amid Rumors of New iPads
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Nov 3, 2023
but still he called ipads in May
How do you know Apple didnt wanted first an event, and now they changed their mind?
usually mark has been good in dropping hints about changes that make his earlier predictions wrong.

mark didn't drop a hint on this change.


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Jul 25, 2012
Ope, caught it before you updated @MacRumors 😁


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Jun 11, 2007
Albuquerque, NM, USA
I'm interested in a new iPad, but all the rumors about the M4 are making me think to hold off and squeeze more life out of my current iPad. I'm also beginning to wonder if I need an iPad at all, since my usage of Apple products is 1) iPhone, 2) Mac, 3) Apple TV, and 4) iPad, in that order. I'm also wondering if they decided to have an event in order to push back against a negative narrative about Apple in the media.
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