Apple Announces Original TV Streaming Service 'Apple TV+'

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 25, 2019.

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    How is ignoring Europe "racist"?
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    Sep 7, 2011
    Definitely not. The entertainment industry is not locked down tight enough for this to happen, NDA's or no.
  3. Shanghaichica, Apr 1, 2019
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    Apple haven’t said that the TV service isn’t coming to Europe at launch. In fact they said it would be available in 100 countries worldwide. The details are so scant that we will have to wait and see where it launches.

    Apple Pay was launched in the US at the end of 2014 and launched in the UK in July 2015. That’s not years.

    The ECG feature on the Apple was available in many European countries less than 6 months after it launched in the US.

    Of course Apple would like to launch everything in as many countries as possible because they can make more money.
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    Sep 10, 2016
    Don’t you know that “racist” now means anything you disagree with?
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    My understanding of the delays is that it takes time for Apple to negotiate deals in these countries so as to get more favourable terms.

    For example, their news service isn't just some RSS feed app. Apple is actually hiring journalists to curate the news for you, which entails more manpower and resources. So the challenge could simply be scaling the service to cover more countries around the world, because you would basically have to replicate the same process in every country you enter. It's not like software where you simply need to code it only once.

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